Enacting Global Learning Badge

The Office of Global Learning facilitates "Global Learning for Global Citizenship" initiative, the centerpiece of internationalized education at FIU. We empower students to be change makers in our increasingly interconnected world. 

The “Enacting Global Learning Badge” consists of a series of co-curricular activities designed to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to delve into global learning outside the classroom. The badge prepares you to understand global dynamics, develop the ability to examine complex global issues from multiple perspectives and take action for our collective well-being. 

The badge is delivered through a hybrid modality and entails 12 hours of professional development. Students enrolled in the badge have two semesters to complete all the badge’s requirements.

Earning Criteria

◊  Global Dynamics: You'll have the opportunity to choose a global issue and learn about its effects on communities around the world.

◊  Perspective Taking: You'll attend a number of Tuesday Times Roundtables, moderated discussions that explore the ideas and perspectives of others, and capture multiple perspectives on a session through an artistic or informational medium.

◊  Taking Action: You'll engage with community programs (on and off campus) to learn more about service-oriented and community-driven change and encourage others to get involved.


Email GLMedal@fiu.edu with any questions, concerns, or to set up an informational meeting!