The Talent Lab at FIU in Washington, D.C. is a comprehensive program to ensure success for FIU students seeking the opportunity to make an impact on the world's greatest challenges through Fly-In Seminars, internships, and courses in the nation's capital (FIU in DC, 2020).

Some of the Talent Lab opportunities include Fly-Ins Seminars, internships in Washington DC, and the Hamilton Scholars Program. For more general information you can visit the FIU in DC website.

Global Learning Medallion and Peace Corps Prep students looking for advice and support as they apply for these opportunities can contact the Office of Global Learning Initiatives at

Fly-in seminars

FIU’s DC Fly-Ins are three-day experiential seminars focused on exploring how policies are made, and what career opportunities exist in the capital for students passionate about a variety of issues. The itineraries consist of engaging conversations and experiences with experts across government, academia and industry.

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FIU in DC supports students in the process of securing an internship in Washington, D.C., and provides a cohort-based learning and professional development experience for all students and recent graduates who have a DC internship.

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The Hamilton Scholars Program

The Hamilton Scholars cohort consists of a wide cross-section of majors, including from the social sciences and STEM fields. Applicants are welcome to address how they would make an impact on the issue area of their choice from a public policy, science, engineering, or other perspective/role.

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Global Learning in DC

Global Learning Medallion and Peace Corps Prep students participate actively in FIU in DC programs.