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Global learning is a process that involves diverse people in collaborative efforts to analyze and address complex problems that transcend borders (Landorf & Doscher, 2015). Through global learning, students gain three essential outcomes: global awareness, global perspective, and global engagement. You can use these principles and resources to facilitate inclusive global learning in your online courses. You may also use them with international partners through Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

Global Perspective

Establish a social presence

Global learning develops one's global perspective, the ability to understand and connect diverse perspectives on the world. This begins with students feeling comfortable sharing their own points of view as members of the online community, a phenomenon known as social presence. The first step toward developing a global perspective is helping students get to know the unique and common knowledge, experiences, skills, and perspectives present in their online community.

Global Awareness

Structure interdependence

Global learning should develop global awareness, knowledge of the world’s complexity and interrelatedness. The problems and questions students grapple with in a Global Learning course demand collaboration because they are too complex for any single person, group, discipline, or approach to solve alone. Global Learning courses must engage students in collaboration to prepare global citizens for success in their personal, professional, and civic lives.

Global Engagement

Promote connection making

Global engagement is the willingness to work with others to solve complex problems. Global learning promotes global engagement when students are invited to connect ideas and perspectives they previously thought conflicting or completely unrelated. New knowledge is formed when students take parts of different ideas and put them together to create new ideas. These resources will help you promote connection-making online.

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