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How to log and track your points

Your goal is to earn 20 total activity points throughout the duration of the Medallion program.

  1. Download and print the Official Global Learning Medallion Activity Points Log.
  2. Bring the log to all activities you participate in.
  3. Complete an entry on the log, with official signatures, for each point you earn.
  4. Upload your log ONCE PER SEMESTER on the submissions page. Uploading every semester is required so that we may verify your entries and signatures, and so that we have a digital record of your log in the event that you lose it. Uploads are due by the last day of each finals week.

How to correctly earn virtual points

As of March 2020, all Medallion students may earn activity points virtually.

  • Virtual events must be entered into the activity log. Please remember, activity logs must be submitted at the end of each semester.
  • During virtual events, students must take a screenshot with a timestamp to receive credit. If the session is live, two screenshots are expected, one at the beginning and end of the event. Points will not be awarded without screenshots. Images are to be submitted attached to your activity log at the end of the semester.
  • We recommend students take notes when participating during virtual events. This will help you reference back to them when creating your e-portfolios before graduation.
  • For pre-recorded events, a 250-word reflection is required, and submission guidelines will remain the same.

See sample log

New virtual point policy starting March 2020

Under the current event cancellations, we are offering students the opportunity to virtually earn medallion points until further notice. Students may listen to suggested videos, podcasts or webinar series shared in upcoming newsletters and on our social media (@goglobalFIU). Any virtual events our community partners host will count for one point.

If you have any questions, please contact

One-point opportunities

Visit the following departments or programs for one-point opportunities. Additionally, you'll receive updates from us about specific event opportunities.

Tuesday Times

The Tuesday Times Roundtable (TTR) is held every week during the Fall and Spring semesters and should be your primary event to attend. This event is held every Tuesday from 12:30pm-1:30pm. All Global Learning Medallion students must earn 4 activity points (20% of total activity points) by attending live in-person and/or remote TTR. Global Learning Medallion students may alternatively watch previous TTR recordings and write a 250-word reflection. Starting in Fall 2020, sessions will be held virtually until further notice.

Other event opportunities

Check the event calendars for each department or center below for opportunities.

Online point opportunities

Common Ground for Action

CGA allows small groups to learn more about an issue, examine options for dealing with the issue, weigh tradeoffs, and find common ground.

To receive points:

  1. Sign up for CGA and get notified on upcoming forums.
  2. Log your participation on your printed points log, and attach a screenshot of each session you participated in place of a signature (points logs are submitted once at the end of each semester).

Point acknowledgment

Students should note that they will only receive credit for events from the above departments or events shared on social media or emailed to them by the Global Learning Medallion email list. Other point log entries will not be honored.

Multi-point opportunities

Student organizations

5 points will be awarded to students who have participated in FIU clubs and organizations if the following criteria are all met:

  • Participation is in a leadership role (executive board, chair, or coordinator of any specific event or project)
  • Participation lasted for the duration of at least one full semester
  • The mission of the club or organization is clearly international or intercultural or otherwise clearly fits the learning outcomes promoted by the Global Learning Medallion (global awareness, global perspective, and global engagement).

To submit your points, please log your club participation on your points log along with the dates of participation and the signature of the club advisor.

Students must also have advisors send an email to verifying your role and responsibility.

If you are unsure if your club meets these criteria, please contact us with further information on your club.

Please note that students who log points for their leadership role in an approved organization will NOT be able to also log points for attending events hosted by that organization during semesters when they held a position.

Center for Leadership and Service Programs

*Programs are application based and are accepted only during scheduled recruitment periods.

FIU in DC Programs

A DC Fly In is a multi-day, fast-paced dynamic learning experience. It entails traveling to Washington D.C. to experience think tanks, meet with representatives of the federal government, interact with national and international non-governmental agencies, and learn about specific policy issues. For more information, please email Eric Feldman, Associate Director of FIU in DC at

Second Capstone and short Education Abroad

If you participated in an Education Abroad trip or a global internship lasting 19 days or fewer, this experience will count as a 5 point activity.

If you did two Capstone experiences (such as a study abroad and internship), the second experience will count as a 5 point activity.

Policy on retroactive and repeated activities

You may only earn 5 points one time from each activity. For example, you could earn 10 points by participating in both Model UN and Alternative Breaks, but not by doing Alternative Breaks twice or participating in the same club for multiple semesters.

Some previously completed multi-point experiences will be considered for approval on a case-by-case basis if done within the past 2 years. No retroactive credit for 1-point activities will be considered.