Global Engagement Project

The FIU Peace Corps Prep Global Engagement Project is designed to prepare you for extended, issue-focused service with the Peace Corps and other international development agencies.

The project is an open-ended opportunity to research and address an issue important to you, within the following framework:

  • Minimum of 80 hours*
  • Focus on a global issue
  • Interaction with diverse others
  • Use of creativity and problem solving skills

*The 80 hour requirement may be fulfilled by engagement in one project of a minimum of 80 contact hours, or two projects of a minimum of 40 contact hours each.

Global topics

You may select any topic of a global nature for your project. We have identified topics that are most beneficial to your Peace Corps application.

Examples of topics corresponding to Peace Corps service sectors include:


Teaching English or Spanish as a second or foreign language, in a group setting such as a classroom, community organization, or tutoring program.


Community-based health outreach and education, especially but not limited to focusing on HIV/AIDS, nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation.

Youth in development

Intercultural communication, diversity training, and education, or promotion of civic engagement and engaged global citizenship with youth.


Educating the public on environmental and conservation issues. Gardening, farming, nursery management. Conducting biological surveys of plants or animals.

Community economic development

Business advisement. Computer training for small businesses. Economic development for women and minorities.


Agricultural management (including hands-on management of crop/plant growing). Business management for local farms.

Looking for more?

Explore more Peace Corps sectors.

Other topics not specifically aligned to Peace Corps Primary Projects:

  • Gender equality and empowering young women
  • Social justice advancement
  • Worker’s rights awareness/advocacy
  • LGBTQA+ rights

Types of opportunities

Engagement projects completed through Peace Corps Prep can include the following:

  • Class-based projects, clubs and organizations: Assess your current participation in projects in your classes and in clubs and organizations. Are you already learning about an issue that interests you? Volunteering in the community? Can your current involvement be enhanced to meet the objectives of this project?
  • Community-based groups: A number of civic organizations in the area are already doing work on issues of global importance. Reach out to a group that you already have volunteer ties with, or a new one, to explore opportunities.
  • Original, student-led projects: You are welcome to design and lead your own project based on personal connections and passions. Our staff will provide feedback and guidance.
  • Peace Corps Prep student collaborations: Peace Corps Prep students are encouraged to collaborate on projects together. Students can share ideas at general meetings and can contact Peace Corps Prep advisors at any time for help connecting to others in the program.

Funding opportunities

Funding is often available to help you fund your project ideas. Here are some opportunities we are aware of:

Use FIU Scholarships as a resource to find other available opportunities.