Pay It Forward

There is no question that all global learning students and alumni have a genuine desire to make the world a better place. As you learned during your time at FIU, there are myriad ways of accomplishing that goal.

Consider some of the steps you can take to help shape the next generation of global citizens that will carry on your legacy.

Become a donor

Our office is 100% committed to democratizing philanthropy. We are committed to being inclusive and giving when it comes to all kinds of people from all walks of life.

The smallest contributions can make a long lasting impact.

Scholarship funding

We have two scholarship funds that are currently open for contributions:


Ways to give back

  • Become a mentor

    In your ePortfolios, many of you shared the powerful connections you established with mentors and the impact on your time at FIU. The guidance of your mentor and confidence you gained made a difference in your life.

    Now it's your turn!  Take this opportunity to mentor a student who is figuring out their own role in this world.

  • Hire interns

    During your time at FIU you received weekly emails with dozens of internships. These opportunities were a direct result of our community partners, colleagues, alumni, and the greater FIU family trusting our students to join them in the workplace.

    Now is your chance to return the favor by sharing internships that will help our current students grow professionally!

  • Share your expertise

    We'd love to hear the experiences you've gained since graduating from our program! You're invited to share your story by joining a panel, presenting individually, or creating your own workshop.

  • Tell others about us

    Many alumni have indicated that the Global Learning Medallion was one of their favorite FIU experiences! Share your story and the impact it had on you with prospective students, employers, and potential donors.