Clubs & Organizations

The Office of Global Learning Initiatives offers globally-focused, student-led clubs and organizations. These opportunities focus on a variety of topics, including global health, research, community service, sustainable development goals and global citizen leadership.


GlobeMed focuses on health equity, professional development and growth, and mobilizing a community of students to work together to maintain knowledge of health worldwide. We seek to understand the “how” of current systems we operate within that continue to perpetuate inequalities.

In order to build leaders driven for excellence in diverse opportunities, we need to expand our access to all students to take a chance in impacting the lives of others. Anyone regardless of major or career pursuit can join our FIU Chapter in the commonality of impacting your community from a local to a global standpoint.

Our main mission is to raise funds for a school, Escuelita De La Calle (EDELAC), that takes in orphans and homeless kids that are not able to meet the proper needs of providing equal education and health opportunities. 


  • Global Health University Discussions
  • Educate others about community development issues in other countries that ties back to health
  • Fundraiser proceeds that go towards partner NGO and activities in partner site
  • Visit the partner site, Escuela de la Calle, to assist completing necessary community projects
  • Community service and volunteering opportunities every meeting

Requirements for Membership

  • Body meetings bi-weekly
  • 2 Tuesday round tables per semester
  • Monthly interventions with EDELAC partners on zoom


Staff Advisor: Michelle Zaldivar, Program Coordinator,

Millennium Fellowship

The Fellowship is a semester-long leadership development program to take your social impact to the next level. The program provides access to world class training, connections, and recognition as fellows implement projects addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Selected cohorts implement their projects every Fall semester. For more information visit the Millennium Fellowship page.

  • Fall 2020 Campus Directors: Melanie Rodriguez and Raqqya Adside-West
  • Fall 2019 Campus Directors: Ashley Weathers and Afsaana Mohammed


Ana Prado, Assistant Director -

Global learning Student Board

The Global Learning Student Board is a leadership opportunity available to students interested in taking their global citizenship commitment to the next level. Through the board, students will ensure that students' voices are represented in our office's programs.


  • Meet with the office's leadership team to ensure inclusion of students' voices in program offerings
  • Launch or expand your own global learning ideas/projects
  • Support recruitment and promotion efforts for student centered programs such as Global Learning Medallion, Peace Corps Prep, Tuesday Times Roundtable, and Millennium Fellowship
  • Foster mutually beneficial partnerships with student leaders across campus to advance global learning
  • Represent the office at different events


Michelle Zaldivar, Program Coordinator,

  • 2019-2020 Board

    Quincy Gordon Jr.

    Quincy Gordon Jr. was born in sunny South Florida but spent most of his formative years living on the island of Grand Bahama, The Bahamas. He graduated from Lucaya International School with an International Baccalaureate Diploma. Currently he is a Liberal Studies Major on a health and human concern track along with a Certificate in African and African Diaspora Studies. After completing his undergraduate degree, he aspires to attend Law school and leverage that degree to aid the local communities of the Broward and Miami areas. He has been a Global Learning Medallion candidate for a year now and is enjoying every minute of it.

    • Major: Liberal Studies
    • Graduation Year: Fall 2021

    Camila Castillo

    Camila Castillo is an International Relations Venezuelan student. She moved to the United States in 2014, where her vision as a global citizen expanded. Since she was 5 years old, her mom taught her global citizen values as she took her to all her work and vacation trips. Showing her many places across the world, her mom planted in Camila a seed that has turned into a huge search for her place in this heavily globalized era. The global goals and the protection of human rights are the topics that most interest Camila at the moment, but anything that varies from history to art is attractive to her. She likes being a student of the world because she loved learning from anything and everything. She is happy to help others find their passion for global learning.

    • Major: International Relations
    • Graduation Year: Summer 2022

    Leahanna Sine

    Leahanna Sine is a second-year student and ambitious student who strives to make a difference in the world. She finds the greatest potential for growth to be collaboration and understanding from individuals from all over the world. FIU provides excellent opportunities to work towards this potential, and Leahanna looks forward to committing to everything she does to make the greatest positive impact she can.

    • Major: International Business & Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    • Graduation Year: Fall 2022

    Melanie Himely

    Melanie Himely is a first-generation college student, hoping to pursue a career in dentistry upon graduation. Her hobbies include drawing/ painting, knitting, and learning new languages. Her college career has been centered around growing as a person but above all, as a leader.

    • Major: Biological Sciences BS
    • Graduation Year: Fall 2021

    Maria Camas

    Maria Camas is an undergraduate, first-generation STEM student passionate about changing the world. As a member of the Honors College and Global Learning Medallion program, she has conducted biological research, volunteered in her community, and received fellowships to support her extracurricular endeavors. She aspires to promote empathy and gender equality in a future career integrating Medicine, Public Health, and Biology.

    • Current Major: Biological Sciences, Natural and Applied Sciences
    • Graduation Year: Spring 2021
  • 2020-2021 Board


Michelle Zaldivar, Program Coordinator, Global Learning at