Transformation Contest

Win a trip to experience global careers in D.C.

Open to all FIU undergraduate students

Every person experiences moments of transformation that forever change the way we see ourselves, our community and our world. This contest asks you to think deeply about your own international or intercultural transformational experiences. It challenges you to inspire others by sharing your experience via artistic or informational media. These media include but are not limited to:

  • Comic art
  • Digital art
  • Drawing, illustration or printmaking
  • Film or animation
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Personal essay, memoir
  • Poetry
  • Short story
  • Music
  • Fashion or fabric art
  • Dramatic script
  • Dance
  • Speech

Read the recap of the 2023 Transformation Fly-In.

Selected students will participate in a guided trip offering several informational and networking sessions at federal government agencies, think tanks and non-profit organizations, such as:

How to participate

Communicate your transformational, international or intercultural experience via artistic or informational media. Written works, such as essays and stories, must be limited to 2 printed pages. Audiovisual entries must be limited to 4 minutes. Longer entries will not be evaluated. Submissions in a foreign language are welcome and must include an English translation.

On the submission form, you will be able to provide an explanation of your work. Original songs, poetry and spoken word performances can be submitted as text or as a video performance. Due to scheduling logistics, we cannot accommodate in-person performances or evaluations.

Works will be judged by a panel of 5 FIU faculty and staff members. They will rate and rank work based on a rubric measuring the clarity, creativity, originality, and power of the submission’s message.

Trip details

The total number of selected students and the length of the trip is dependent on available funding. In previous years, 2 to 4 students have been selected as winners and have taken place in the week between spring and summer semesters, typically May 3-5.

Transformation contest is sponsored by

  • FIU Office of Global Learning Initiatives
  • FIU Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs
  • FIU College of Communication, Architecture + the Arts
  • FIU Office of Engagement
  • FIU in Washington D.C. - The Talent Lab

2023 Edition Recipients

  • Natalie Martinez, Poem
  • Nataly Dragoi, Essay
  • Romayrie Anastasia Legoute, Multimedia
  • Ruth Gonzalez, Essay

2022 Edition Recipients

  • Rachel Mayo – Multimedia
  • Zidane Mcdonald- Poem
  • Rita Kanazeh- Multimedia
  • Tulsi Kiran – Essay
  • Kevin de los Cuetos - Sketches

2021 Edition Recipients

  • Camila Castillo, Illustration
  • Denisse Carranza, Digital Art
  • Laura Vega, Video
  • Maria Camas, Poetry, Gone
  • Prachi Lalwani, Essay
  • Scarlett Chirino, Photograph

2020 Edition Recipients

  • Patricia Garcia - Essay
  • Fritzmagda Martial - Poetry, Ramen Noodles
  • Kamisha Kumarasi - Essay
  • Quincy C. Gordon Jr. - Poetry, Islan' Boy

2019 Edition Recipients

  • Sabrina Diaz
  • Alejandra Marquez Janse
  • Melanie Rodriguez
  • Ashley Ruttenberg

2018 Edition Recipients

  • Galilhea Calderon 
  • Mckenley Howard 
  • Rahel Gebretsadik Geremikael 
  • Alejandro Larios Venegas 

2017 Edition Recipients 

  • Angelo D’Ercole 
  • Elemelech Risse 
  • Steve Delicat 
  • Camila Robledo 

2016 Edition Recipients 

  • Nannette Boza 
  • Maria Pulido-Velosa 
  • Victoria Mendez

2015 Inaugural Edition Recipients  

  • Semira Sanchez 
  • Abbeygale Sen-Chee