What is Global Learning?

Global learning is the process of diverse people, collaboratively analyzing and addressing complex problems that transcend borders and engaging in actions that promote collective well-being.

(Landorf & Doscher, 2023)

Global learning enables every student to engage with others to find connections among divergent perspectives. These connections are the bedrock upon which we all learn to create innovative, equitable, and sustainable solutions for our interconnected human and natural communities.

(Landorf & Doscher, 2015)

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NAFSA 2021 Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization

The Office of Global Learning Initiatives oversees FIU's university-wide initiative, Global Learning for Global Citizenship, winner of NAFSA's 2021 Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization. NAFSA is the world's leading nonprofit association for international education, and this award recognizes FIU's efforts in internationalizing the campus.

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Pay it forward

There is something that all of us have in common: the genuine desire to make the world a better place. There are myriad ways to accomplish this goal! You can take action now to ensure that you help shape the next generation of global citizens.

Students, enroll now and earn a prestigious global distinction

The Global Learning Medallion is an interactive, participatory program consisting of courses and activities that connect you to invaluable, high impact opportunities, such as exclusive internships, student organizations, study abroad programs, and globally focused opportunities to exchange ideas and network. The Global Learning Medallion offers recognition of your achievements and evidence of your unique experiences.

Global Learning Events

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