Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from FIU, you must take a minimum of 2 global-learning-designated courses. A global learning course counts toward the graduation requirement only if you take it after it has been granted global learning designation.

If you have completed a global learning course, it will count towards your global learning graduation requirement only if:

  • It was taken during or after the semester in which it became a global learning course, and
  • It was taken at FIU

The minimum grade policy for courses to satisfy the global learning graduation requirement is D- or higher, as defined in the university academic policies. It is important to note, however, that there may be circumstances external to the global learning graduation requirement that may require you to achieve a higher grade in the course, eg. a Gordon Rule course being used to satisfy a section of the University Core Curriculum (UCC). Check with your academic advisor regarding your individual circumstance.

First year requirements

  • 1 global learning foundations UCC course
  • 1 global learning discipline-specific course

Transfer and re-admitted student requirements

  • Those who enter FIU with 60 or more credits and/or who meet UCC requirements prior to entering FIU (e.g. those with an AA from a Florida public institution) must take:
    • 2 GL courses, at least one of which must be a discipline-specific course.
  • Those who enter FIU with fewer than 60 credits and do not meet UCC requirements prior to entering FIU must take:
    • 1 GL foundations (University Core Curriculum) course
    • 1 GL discipline-specific course

Note: Transfer courses may not be used to meet this FIU requirement. All global learning courses must be taken at FIU.