All FIU undergraduates must take at least 2 global learning courses prior to graduation:

  • 1 global learning foundations course in the University Core Curriculum (UCC)
  • 1 discipline-specific global learning course as part of the major

Global learning foundations courses are part of the UCC. Interdisciplinary in content, they deal with essential questions and complex issues that are best understood and addressed through multiple disciplinary perspectives.

These courses set the stage for students to make interdisciplinary connections throughout their university career and incorporate a co-curricular activity as part of the syllabus.

Discipline-specific global learning courses are embedded into every undergraduate academic program. These courses provide students with a global view of their discipline of study and may be taken either as required courses or as electives.

A few Global Learning courses may count towards either category. However, no single course may count towards both categories.

Graduation-level global learning outcomes

Three specific student learning outcomes are built into each Global Learning course syllabus via course content, assignments and activities:

  • Global perspective: the ability to construct a multi-perspective analysis of issues
  • Global awareness: knowledge of the interconnectedness of issues, trends and systems
  • Global engagement: willingness to address local, global, international and intercultural issues


Your academic advisor is a professional staff member from your academic department. In some cases, your academic department may also utilize faculty members to assist with advising. If you are not sure who your advisor is, contact your academic department.

Explore the list of academic departments.

If you are currently in one of FIU’s Exploratory Studies majors, go to the Undergraduate Academic Advising Center for advising.

You can also find information on how to contact your advisor at FIU Onestop.

Waiver policy

Students in the two categories below are eligible for waivers from the global learning requirement:

  1. Students with a previously earned bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. This waiver is automatically approved and posted on the Panther Degree Audit with no action required from the student or an academic advisor.
  2. Readmitted students with 0-6 credits to graduate

This waiver must be requested by the student’s academic advisor.

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