Neptune Srimal

Teaching Professor

Earth and Environment

Office: AC1 380A

Phone: 305-919-5969



I did my PhD in geology from the University of Rochester, NY, studying the tectonics of the Himalaya and Karakoram Mountains, disappearance of the ancient Tethys Ocean, and the collision of continents on either side of it that gave rise to the Himalayas. So, I am a geologist by training, teaching in Miami and doing research in the Himalaya and Karakoram Mountains. Both of these places show ample evidence of global climate changes and underline the fact of how interrelated the lives of people are even in such disparate locations. I teach OCE 3014 Oceanography as a global learning course, which especially underlines these interconnections that are affecting our societies, both here and the world over. My aim is to make my students aware of the actions and consequences of our actions, and thus better equip them as future decision makers.