Karla Kennedy

CARTA Director of Online Programs; Assistant Director, Scholastic Journalism

Lee Caplin School of Journalism + Media

Office: AC2 311| AC2 320

Phone: 305-919-5625

Email: kkennedy@fiu.edu


Dr. Karla Kennedy is a proud South Florida native. A former high school journalism adviser, Kennedy always believed that students should be given every opportunity to learn and explore. She researches and studies court decisions and opinions on student speech and student press cases. Dr. Kennedy has a Master's degree in Mass Communication from FIU and a Ph.D. from the University of Florida. She says, "We just open the door of possibilities for our students, and hope they choose to walk through it." She aspires to one day open her own journalism and media school for marginalized students to help in efforts to continue to diversify media outlets. She currently serves as the CARTA Director of Online Programs and the Assistant Director in Scholastic Journalism for the Lee Caplin School of Journalism + Media.