Mohamed ElZomor

Assistant Professor and Graduate Program Director

Moss School of Construction, Infrastructure and Sustainability, College of Engineering and Computing

Office: EC 2955

Phone: 305-348-2257



Dr. ElZomor has diverse cross-disciplinary academic knowledge in engineering, architecture, sustainability, and construction, along with a decade of professional engineering and construction project management experience. Mohamed maintains a research program focused on advocating for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Systems to address natural and man-made challenges, Social Sustainability in the construction sector including Health and Wellbeing, Engineering Education, Energy Efficiency Measures/Modeling, Construction Project Management and Workforce Development. Dr. ElZomor's distinct expertise supports fostering interdisciplinary research in addition to embracing innovative pedagogical approaches in education. Mohamed's goal is to embrace active, creative and inclusive learning environments for future workforces and to integrate resilience and sustainability in construction for societal good.