GL Discipline Specific Course List

The table below is a full listing of Global Learning Discipline Specific courses. Please see the current semester course lists here for current offerings.

*Courses marked with an asterisk may be taken to satisfy either the GL Foundations course requirement orthe GL Discipline-Specific course requirement.

Course NumberCourse TitleAcademic Department/CollegeDescriptionSemester Added as Global Learning Course 
AFA 4243Global Capitalism and the African Diaspora in the Modern World SystemAfrican & African Diaspora StudiesSurveys the emergence and evolution of the African Diaspora in relationship to changes in the global capitalist economy, and the manner in which history continues to shape material conditions of African descendantsSummer 2014
AFA 4370Global Hip HopAfrican & African Diaspora StudiesExamines the global, transnational and Africana dimensions of Hip Hop.Fall 2012
AFA 4372Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Hip HopAfrican & African Diaspora StudiesExamination of racial, gender, and sexuality constructions within the context of Hip Hop Culture in the United States and its influences on global identities.Fall 2011
AFH 4100History of Africa IHistoryAfrican history from the origins of humanity to the nineteenth century. Topics include the rise of centralized societies, the Atlantic slave trade, early Christianity and Islam.Spring 2017
AFH 4254History of Postcolonial AfricaHistoryTo understand Africa's role in the world today by examining the social, cultural, political, and economic forces that have shaped Africa since 1950.Spring 2017
AFH 4450History of South AfricaHistoryExamines the development of the South African nation in terms of its African and European heritage from the early Khoisan societies through apartheid and Mandela's election.Spring 2019
AFS 3011 (formerly AFA 3153)African Civilizations, Religions and PhilosophyAfrican & African Diaspora StudiesAn introductory level overview of ancient African origins of civilizations, religions, and philosophySpring 2013
AFS 3332 (formerly AFA 3353)Gender and Sexualities in Sub-Saharan African ContextsAfrican & African Diaspora StudiesAn examination of gender and sexuality in contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa, including notions of gendered and sexualized identifications and key aspects of personhood in Sub-Saharan African societies.Fall 2012
AFS 4265 (formerly AFA 4247)Latin America and the Caribbean in Africa: South-South InteractionsAfrican & African Diaspora StudiesAn introduction to the historical and dynamic relationships that have unfolded since the 1500s between Latin America and the Caribbean, on one side, and Sub-Saharan Africa on the other.Fall 2012
AMH 3310Social Movements in Modern United States HistoryHistoryThe course examines social movements including the Civil Rights, Feminist, and Black Power Movements within a broader context of Cold War anticolonial activism.Summer 2016
AMH 3314Public Health & Medicine in U.S. HistoryHistoryExplores the central themes and questions pertaining to the history of medicine, public health, and health care in the United States.Fall 2017
AMH 3341United States Food HistoryHistoryHistory of food production and consumption in the United States from the 19th through the 20th centuries. Uses historical evidence to evaluate contemporary debates about food systems.Spring 2017
AMH 4573African American History from the Late 19th Century to the PresentHistoryExamines the experience of African Americans from the emergence of Jim Crow to the Black Power Movement. Topics include the Great Migration, Marcus Garvey, the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements.Fall 2018
AMH 4671Race, Gender, and Science in the Atlantic WorldHistoryExamines the ways in which scientists and physicians in the Atlantic World categorized, defined, and assigned meaning to racial and gendered differences.Fall 2011
ANT 3212*World EthnographiesGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesIntroduces students to ethnography, which is the art of writing culture.  Teaches students to compare and contrast cultures through ethnographic reading, writing, and critiques.Fall 2010
ANT 3241*Myth, Ritual, and MysticismGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesSurveys anthropological approaches to the study of myth, ritual, and mysticsm, as religious and symbolic systems.  The social and psychological functions of myth and ritual in small-scale and complex societies will be comparedSpring 2012
ANT 3610Language and CultureGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesExamines the relationship between language and culture, with emphasis on the linguistic structuring of perception and culture; speech styles and their relationship to the identities and inequalities associated with gender, class and ethnicity; and the politics of bilingualism and multilingual nations.Spring 2020
ARH 4470Contemporary ArtArt & Art HistoryA survey of art from 1945 to the present.Spring 2015
ARH 4520African ArtArt & Art HistoryA study of the visual arts in Africa from the ancient world to the present. It focuses on the historical transformation and regional variability in art forms and their meanings on the Continent.Spring 2016
ART 3820Visual Thinking IArt & Art HistoryA beginning studio-based course with a strong theoretical component where concepts are examined through a variety of approaches and media. For Visual Arts majors only.Spring 2012
ASH 3380Consumer Culture in AsiaHistoryCovering the development of 20th century East Asian consumer culture through related events, ideas, and legacies of: work; leisure; family life; social relations; media; advertising; and technology.Summer 2016
ASH 3631The Pacific War in AsiaHistoryAn exploration of the events, ideas and legacies of WWII in Asia; also an examination of the changing conduct of war, the image of the warrior, and issues concerning power, culture and ideology.Summer 2016
ASN 3143Corporate Culture in ChinaAsian StudiesAn overview of intercultural etiquette and the corporate practices applied in China and its relations with worldwide companies.Spring 2020
ASN 3410*Introduction to East AsiaAsian StudiesAn overview of East Asia from traditional to modern times including the interaction among Asian cultures as well as between Asia and the world.Fall 2010
BCN 3761Construction Documentation and CommunicationConstruction Management Obtaining, writing, and transmitting construction documentation for technical and legal requirements for construction projects of a global scale. Course stresses the development of verbal and written communication skills.Spring 2012
BME 4332Cell and Tissue EngineeringBiomedical EngineeringPhysiology of cell growth and in vitro cultivation with basic techniques in biotechnology. Analysis of fundamental processes and engineering approaches on in vitro models for tissue growth.Summer 2020
BME 4800Design of Biomedical Systems and DevicesBiomedical EngineeringMechanical design and material choices of various biomedical systems and devices such as cardiovascular assist devices, total artificial heart, pulmonary assist devices, total hip prosthesis and other orthopaedic devices.Fall 2017
BME 4908Senior Design ProjectBiomedical EngineeringCustomer needs; design requirements; biocompatibility; regulatory, ethical, societal, and environmental considerations; creativity; project management; prototype construction and testing; final report and presentation.Fall 2017
BOT 4601General Plant EcologyBiological SciencesAn examination of the ecology of plants at the individual, population, and community levels.Summer 2019
CCJ 4694Human TraffickingCriminal JusticeThe course examines issues related to human trafficking and immigration from an international and global perspective. Fall 2012
CES 3580 (formerly CES 4580)Hurricane Engineering and Global SustainabilityCivil & Environmental EngineeringThis course examines the impacts of hurricanes and explores the roles of engineers in achieving sustainable coastal communities around the globe.Spring 2013
CGS 3095Technology in the Global ArenaComputer & Information SciencesLegal, ethical, social impacts of computer technology on society, governance, quality of life: intellectual property, privacy, anonymity, professionalism, social identity in the U.S. and globally.Summer 2012
CHI 3955
(Study Abroad)
Foreign Study: Language and CultureModern LanguagesFour-week full-time study of Chinese language and culture (3 credit equivalent) in China. Prerequisite: Admission into the study abroad program in China.Spring 2017
CJE 3444Security and Crime ScienceCriminal JusticeExamines situational, social, and legislative approaches to the prevention of crime and delinquency. Emphasis on theories, implementation, and consequences of these approaches.Spring 2019
CJE 4174Comparative Criminal Justice SystemsCriminal JusticeA comparative study of the major legal traditions (e.g., common law, civil law, socialist law) and analysis of the criminal justice system across the world, including police, courts, and corrections.Fall 2011
CLP 4314Psychology of Health and IllnessPsychologyCourse provides an overview of the field of health psychology and behavioral medicine with an emphasis on psychological, social, cultural, and global factors affecting health and health care/policy.Fall 2011
COM 3417*Communication in FilmCommunication ArtsThis course will examine the unique relationship between communication and film from the 1920s (era of the silent film) through todaySpring 2013
COM 3461*Intercultural/Interracial CommunicationCommunication ArtsStudents develop the skills to build and maintain relationships across cultures by focusing on similarities and differences in communication behaviors, perceptions, language usage and social practices.Fall 2010
COM 4430International Business CommunicationCommunication ArtsThis course will provide students with the theoretical and experiential framework for examining the meaning of communication in global business.Summer 2013
COM 4731
(Study Abroad)
Cultural Communication Patterns of EuropeCommunication ArtsThis course will increase understanding of communication differences by contrasting and comparing communication patterns within European culturesSpring 2013
CPO 3010Comparative Politics: Theory & PracticePolitics & International RelationsExamines major theories and methods of comparative politics, focusing on divergent political systems (Democracy, Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism). Countries/regions studied vary with instructor.Fall 2011
CPO 3055Authoritarian PoliticsPolitics & International RelationsThe purpose of this course is to identify the conceptual and empirical characteristics of authoritarian regimes. An ideal typical authoritarian regime will be established, followed by case study analyses of modern authoritarian systems, like those of Brazil, Mexico, and Portugal. The course is designed to analyze the circumstances giving rise to non-totalitarian modern dictatorships, their political dynamics, and their survival capability.Spring 2012
CPO 4057Political Violence and RevolutionPolitics & International Education An examination of major historical instances and modern expressions of political violence; discussion of revolution from a comparative perspective. Attention will focus on the social origin and political determinants of such events.Fall 2011
DIE 3434 (This course is only open to students fully admitted to the accredited Dietetics Track)Nutrition EducationDietetics & NutritionPlanning for groups/individual basic nutrition and clinical nutrition education across regions and cultures, and working with the instructional media.Spring 2012
DSC 4012Global TerrorismCriminal JusticeExamines the nature and causes of terrorism and the national, regional and global effects of particular terrorist groups focusing on their collective behavior and objectives.Fall 2011
ECO 4713International MacroeconomicsEconomicsAnalysis of output, inflation, business cycles and economic policy in open economy settings; exchange rate regimes (fixed versus flexible exchange rate); fiscal, monetary, and exchange rate policies.Spring 2012
ECS 3021*Women, Culture, and Economic DevelopmentEconomicsAnalysis of problems facing women in developing countries, focusing on gender and cultural issues and their relationships to economic development.Fall 2011
EDF 4604Cultural and Social Foundations of EducationEducation – Leadership & Professional StudiesExamines the cultural and social realities of teaching and learning in the U.S. Questions of class, race, ethnicity, gender and language are discussed in relation to effective school, teacher, and student performance. Students will discuss how cultural identities connect to prevailing world conditions associated with local, global, international, and intercultural trends and systems.Fall 2011
EEC 3400Family Literacy and the Young ChildEducation - Teaching & LearningThis course will provide an understanding of family literacy within the context of language and culture and introduce students and home based literacy methods.Spring 2014
EEL 4920Senior Design I: Ethics, Communication, and ConstraintsElectrical & Computer EngineeringProfessional ethics, oral communications, project feasibility study, proposal writing, system design methodology, human factors, intellectual property, liability and schedules.Fall 2012
EEL 4921Senior Design II: ImplementationElectrical & Computer EngineeringDesign of a complete EE system including use of design methodology, formulation, specifications, alternative solutions, feasibility, economic, reliability, safety ethics, and social impact.Fall 2012
EGN 4070Engineering for Global Sustainability and Environmental ProtectionCivil & Environmental Engineering  This course examines the effects of modern humans on the environment and explores the role of engineers in creating an environmentally sustainable future.Fall 2012
EML 4551Ethics and Design Project OrganizationMechanical & Materials Engineering Organization to include problem definition, goals, survey, conceptual and preliminary design, ethics and cost components, social and environmental impact, presentation to enhance communication skills. Students will analyze the global impact of engineering problems.Fall 2011
EML 4905Senior Design ProjectMechanical & Materials Engineering Project statement, in-depth survey, conceptual and structural design, analysis, statistical and cost analyses, ethical, societal and environmental impact, prototype construction, final presentation. Students will analyze the global impact of engineering problems.Fall 2011
ENC 3378Writing Across BordersEnglishThis course explores the implications of both Western and Eastern rhetorical theories and practices for written communication in the age of globalization.Summer 2016
ENL 4215Medieval MonstrosityEnglishExamines the role of the monstrous in medieval literary imaginations and analyzes what monstrosity reveals about cultures of the Middle Ages and today.Spring 2019
ENL 4324Global ShakespearesEnglishGlobal Shakespeares examines the worldwide use, appropriation, and influence of Shakespeare's texts in other cultures.Fall 2015
ENV 3001Introduction to Environmental EngineeringCivil & Environmental Engineering Introduction to environmental engineering problems; water and wastewater treatment, air pollution, noise, solid and hazardous wastes.  Students will understand the interrelatedness of environmental problems around the world.Fall 2011
EUH 3143War and Politics in the Age of the ReformationHistoryFall 2019
EUH 3191The Black DeathHistoryFocuses on one epidemic--the Black Death of 1347-1350 in Western Europe--and the way it profoundly affected the lives of all those living in a society. We will consider the nature of the epidemic itself and the short and long term effects in areas such as the economy, religion, medicine, the treatment of minorities, and the arts.Spring 2019
EUH 4185Viking History and SocietyHistoryThe political, cultural, economic, and religious development of Viking society, 600-1300 C.E.Fall 2018
EUH 4384The Premodern MediterraneanHistoryExplore the history of geographic region including three continents and numerous different cultures and religion, a preeminent site for exchange before the transatlantic or global exchange.Summer 2016
EUH 4434Italy During the RenaissanceHistoryExamine the era of the Italian Renaissance, 1300 to 1500. Topics include the culture, politics, religion, and economy; intellectual and artistic movements; the Renaissance in historical understanding.Fall 2018
EUH 4615Family, Love, and Marriage in Premodern EuropeHistoryExplore the structure and evolution of intimate personal relationships in Europe pre-1800. Examine these topics in their own right and in relation to changes in politics, religion, and economics.Summer 2019
EVR 4272AgroecologyEarth & EnvironmentApplication of ecological principles to farming systems to achieve goals of long term food production without depleting Earth's resources.Summer 2018
EVR 4274Sustainable AgricultureEarth & EnvironmentAnalysis of sustainability of modern agricultural systems under a variety of ecological economic and cultural settings. Familiarizes students with socioeconomic, urban policy, sustainable agriculture.Spring 2017
FIN 4604International Finance ManagementFinanceCapital budgeting operational analysis and financial decisions in the multinational context. Working capital management and intra firm fund transfers. Measurement and evaluation of the risk of internationally diversified assets.Fall 2011
FIN 4634International BankingFinance Capital budgeting operational analysis and financial decisions in the multinational context. Working capital management and intra firm fund transfers. Measurement and evaluation of the risk of internationally diversified assets.Fall 2011
FOT 3511 (formerly FOT 3930)Latin CinemasModern LanguagesExamines the cinemas of Spain and Latin America in a national and transnational context.Spring 2019
FRE 4390French and Francophone CinemaModern LanguagesIntroduces to Francophone cinema. While comparing movies from France and Francophone world, students explore various issues such as language, race, and postcolonial politics.Spring 2015
FRE 4503La FrancophonieModern LanguagesAnalysis of the different varieties of French spoken outside of France. Includes Quebec French, African French, and French Creoles. Also examines the political alliance of Francophone countries. Credit will not be given for both FRE 4503 and FRE 5508.Fall 2011
FRW 3101Introduction to Francophone Literature and Cultural StudiesModern LanguagesThis survey course examines the main literary movements and texts of the French and Francophone world from the Middle Ages to the present, while preparing students to take advanced literature courses.Summer 2020
GEA 3704People, Place, & Environment of East AsiaGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesProvides an overview of East Asia from a critical geographic perspective. Students will explore various historical and contemporary issues on the region with geographic lenses and themes.Spring 2020
GEO 3001Geography of Global ChangeGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesExplores the geography of change in contemporary world economy, politics, culture, and environment.  Mapping and spatial analysis aid in understanding global change and effects on specific places.Fall 2011
GEO 3502Economic GeographyGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesExplores spatial facets of the economy at the international level, including trade, development, manufacturing, multinational corporations and technology.Fall 2011
GEO 3510*Earth ResourcesEarth & EnvironmentA course for non-majors dealing with the nature, origin, and distribution of mineral resources. Geology of petroleum, coal, metals, etc., and problems of their exploitation and depletion.Fall 2011
GEO 4354Geography of the Global Food SystemGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesAnalyzes the spatial organization of the global food system and its importance to world economic development.  Explores food security, trade, and environment.Fall 2011
GEO 4391Marine GeographyGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesExamination of the human and physical components of marine geography, including marine processes, coastal development, and the issues of managing marine resources.Spring 2020
GLY 4734Changing CoastlinesEarth & EnvironmentFocus on the physical processes that shape coastlines and the consequences of those processes for human activities.Spring 2014
GLY 4881Coastal HazardsEarth & EnvironmentFocus on the processes responsible for tsunamis, storm surges, coastal erosion, land subsidence, sea level rise, etc., and their mitigation.Fall 2013
HFT 3073Social Responsibility in the Hospitality IndustryHospitality & Tourism Management Examines hospitality companies' social responsibility to their communities and planet.  This course examines hospitality's global companies and global issues that will affect their communities and business.  Spring 2012
HFT 3503Hospitality Marketing StrategyHospitality & Tourism Management Examines marketing principles, theories and concepts and the use of management principles and techniques of analysis, planning, implementation and control to maximize marketing effectiveness in hospitality organizations in a global, intercultural environment. Fall 2011
HFT 3603Hospitality LawHospitality & Tourism ManagementA basic course in hotel, motel, and restaurant law emphasizing risk management and security. The student is introduced to the fundamental laws, rules, and regulations applicable to the hospitality industry. Case study approach is used to develop an awareness and understanding of the legal problems confronting the manager and executive in policy and decision making.Fall 2014
HFT 3701Sustainable Tourism PracticesHospitality & Tourism ManagementIn-depth study of contemporary issues pertaining to tourism based on the natural environment. Explores management strategies suitable for controlling a growing industry.Fall 2014
HFT 3703(Study Abroad)Adventure TourismHospitality & Tourism ManagementThis travel study covers international issues in global development such as sustainability, environmental impacts of tourism and sociocultural issues. The course introduces students to the interrelatedness of tourism issues by examining the adventure tourism industry, adventure tourism products, and supply and demand site.Summer 2013
HFT 3713International Travel and TourismHospitality & Tourism ManagementAn introduction to the international scope of travel and tourism. A brief analysis of regional framework and specific regions of the world, the interrelationship between human society and the physical environment. Tourism as a factor in economic development and its cultural and sociological factors are explored. An analysis of the international organization of tourism and the facilitation procedures required for its successful implementations are highlighted.Fall 2014
HFT 3894Global Food and CultureHospitality & Tourism ManagementStudy of the ways in which global issues influence how food functions in the global communitySummer 2013
HFT 4323Hospitality Facilities Environmental SystemsHospitality & Tourism Management A comprehensive survey of engineering, maintenance, and efficiency controls in hotels, restaurants. Emphasizes the importance of Operations Facilities Engineering Management and the environment will help students understand the global impact of climate change.Fall 2011
HFT 4833Culinary Innovation and EntrepreneurshipHospitality & Tourism ManagementA unique course allowing the opportunity for students with advanced culinary skills to learn the art and science of managing culinary innovation and entrepreneurship.Spring 2015
HIS 3304Blacks in ParisHistoryExamines the experiences of African, African American, and Caribbean intellectuals in France. The course explores the way France functioned as both a haven and a site of anticolonial activism.Summer 2016
HIS 3308War and Society in the 20th CenturyHistoryAn examination of the ways societies have organized themselves for external and internal wars. The course will also explore the changing conduct of war, the image of the warrior, and the ways in which military institutions have crystallized class structures.Fall 2017
HIS 4400The Formation of Urban SocietyHistoryA comparative study of the cultural, social, political and economic development of cities. Topics include: the ancient city, industrialization, immigration, poverty and urban planning.Spring 2019
HSA 4113 Global Issues and Trends in HealthcareHealth Services AdministrationIssues and trends in policy questions involving health care organizations, financing, quality controls, and delivery of services are addressed. This is a Capstone course.Fall 2012
HSA 4150Global Healthcare Systems and PolicyHealth Services AdministrationCommunity power structures are analyzed as to their function in politics and decisions governing health care. The health professional's role is studied with respect to the political process in health care.Fall 2012
HUN 3191World NutritionDietetics & Nutrition Strategies for improving cross-cultural competence in conducting needs assessments, program planning, and implementation in nutrition services.Fall 2011
IDH 3034Honors Seminar V: Aesthetics, Values and AuthorityHonors CollegeThe first of a two course sequence, this course examines the aesthetic undepinnings of culture, the foundations of what are commonly held as western values, and the power relationships that surround them.  For Honors College students only.Summer 2012
IDH 3035Honors Seminar VI: Aesthetics, Values, and AuthorityHonors CollegeA continuation of Honors Seminar V, this course examines the interplay of various sources of authority in society and our system of values and aesthetics. Includes directed individual research projects. For Honors College students only.Summer 2012
IDS 4174Mathematics and Philosophy in the ArtsMathematicsA panorama and a study of the global interrelation of mathematics, philosophy, and visual arts with emphasis on the evolution of the role of geometry in depicting the perspective in arts.Fall 2011
INR 3081Contemporary International ProblemsPolitics & International RelationsExamines selected world and regional issues and problems. Topics vary according to the instructor.Spring 2015
INR 4075International Protection of Human RightsPolitics & International RelationsDevelopment of the concern of the international community with the rights of individuals and groups and the institutional mechanisms which have been set up for their protection.Spring 2015
ITA 3500Italian Culture and SocietyModern LanguagesAn overview of socio-cultural issues in Italy.Spring 2016
JPN 3500Japanese Culture and SocietyModern LanguagesTo give students sociocultural knowledge and well-rounded understanding of the culture and society in Japan.  Students also have an opportunity to experience Japanese traditional arts including Japanese CalligraphySpring 2013
JPN 3955(Study Abroad)Foreign Study: JapanModern LanguagesFive-week full-time study of Japanese language and culture in Kyoto, Japan. Prerequisite: Admission into the study abroad program in Kyoto, Japan.Fall 2014
LAE 4405Children’s LiteratureEducation – Teaching & LearningFocuses on the exploration of children's literature and its integration into the early childhood curriculum from a global perspective.Fall 2011
LAH 3132The Formation of Latin AmericaHistoryAn examination of Latin America in the colonial period, focusing on conquest, Indian relations, the landed estate, urban functions, labor, and socioeconomic organization from the 15th through the 18th Centuries.Fall 2018
LAH 3200Latin America: The National PeriodHistoryTrends and major problems of Latin American nations from independence to the present.Spring 2019
LAH 4134Abuse of Power in Colonial Latin AmericaHistoryExamines practices understood as abuse of political power in colonial Spanish America.Spring 2020
LAH 4483Cuba Since 1959HistoryCuba from the triumph of the Revolution to the present. Examines "the Revolution" as a contested historical process. Focuses on intersection of political conflict, culture, ideas, & human experience.Fall 2019
LAH 4600History of BrazilHistoryOrigins of Portuguese rule and African slavery; crisis of colonialism and transition to independence; coffee, abolition, and the Brazilian Empire; Republican Brazil and the Revolution of 1930; postwar developments.Summer 2016
LAH 4634Politics of Race and Nation in BrazilHistoryAn examination of the historical importance of race to nation-building in 19th and 20th century Brazil, looking both at ideological constructs as well as political projects and social experiences.Summer 2017
LAH 4721History of Women in Latin AmericaHistoryExamines women's roles in indigenous societies, in the colonial period, during independence, and in the 19th century. Also explores women and slavery, populism and popular culture, and the rise of the feminist movement.Fall 2018
LAH 4722Health, Medicine and Disease in Latin American Social HistoryHistoryExamines social/cultural history of medicine to illustrate larger trends, power relations/inequalities, and intersections of state and society. Themes include: citizenship, internationalization, gender, race, and ethnicity.Summer 2017
LAH 4734Latin American History Through FilmHistoryIntroduces students to central events in the history of colonial and modern Latin America through the use of films. Looks at central historical figures and focuses on critical issues of the period.Fall 2018
LAH 4737Music, Modernity, and Identity in Latin AmericaHistoryCultural and intellectual history of 19th/20th century Latin America with focus on nation-building, identity and race. Music is a central pedagogical tool in readings, lectures and discussions.Spring 2019
LAS 3002Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean StudiesLatin American and Caribbean StudiesInterdisciplinary study of Latin America and the Caribbean, its key regions, historical periods, and concepts. Will alternately be taught in Spanish.Fall 2019
LBS 3001*Labor and Globalization (formerly Introduction to Labor Studies)Labor Research and StudiesHistory and development of labor, with emphasis on union development as a response to global industrialization and technological change. Includes the impact of "globalization" on jobs, the structure and function of worker organizations, the impact of technology, the struggle for working class and low-wage workers, and the impact of cross-national shifts of jobs and labor.Fall 2010
LBS 3468Introduction to MediationLabor Research and StudiesAn introduction to the principles of mediation.Spring 2017
LBS 3480Introduction to Conflict ResolutionLabor Research and StudiesExplores the emergence and management of human conflict at different levels of analysis and alternative methods of dispute resolution.Spring 2017
LBS 4154Workers and DiversityLabor Research and StudiesThe theoretical debates surrounding the workforce participation of women and minorities as well as the historical position of these groups in the labor force are studied. Fall 2013
LBS 4210Women and WorkLabor Research and StudiesThe role of women in the workforce and issues for women in worker organizations with special emphasis examining the additional impact of race, class and sex on the economic and social standing of women at work.Summer 2016
LBS 4484Applying Conflict Resolution TechniquesLabor Research and StudiesInvestigate conflict and violence, and help students to develop strategies to defuse them in the classroom.Spring 2017
LBS 4610Cross Cultural Dimensions of Latin American Labor RelationsLabor Research and StudiesA survey of the issues, techniques, and professional competencies required to effectively understand and contribute to furthering fluid and productive labor management relationships in the hemisphere.Spring 2017
LBS 4654Comparative and International Labor Studies Labor Research and StudiesStudy of labor issues from a comparative and international perspective with emphasis upon the impact of international organizations on labor relations systems and labor relations models.Spring 2013
LEI 3707Inclusive Recreation ServicesEducation- Professional Leadership and StudiesCourse is designed to provide Parks and Recreation Management majors with opportunities to enhance knowledge of the characteristics and leisure needs of individuals with disabilities and knowledge of accessibilities issues.Summer 2013
LIN 4640Languages and Cultures of the WorldEnglishInvestigation of the major language families of the world, evolution of human language, and sociocultural, political, and historical influences on languages and language families. Fall 2013
LIT 3671Global Issues in Literature EnglishExamination of aspects of story, author, character, and contexts affected by migration, exile, global trade, or other transnational forces.Fall 2011
LIT 4023Around the World in Short StoriesEnglishShort narratives from around the world, thematically groupedSpring 2018
LIT 4364(Study Abroad)Post-totalitarian LiteratureEnglishCovers the major literary works which have been published in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since the fall of Communism there in 1989. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.Summer 2013
MAE 4394Perspectives on Mathematics and Science EducationEducation – Teaching & LearningThis course will help students to develop understanding of theoretical frameworks and multiple perspectives underpinning mathematics and science education.Fall 2011
MAN 4720Strategic ManagementManagement & International BusinessCapstone integration of real organizational situations. Decision making applied to business/corporate level strategy concepts, firm performance and global citizenship.Fall 2011
MAR 3023Introduction to MarketingMarketingA descriptive study emphasizing the functions and institutions common to global marketing systems.Fall 2012
MAR 4712Health and Fitness MarketingMarketingAnalyze, design, and implement marketing strategies unique to promoting health, fitness, and positive behavioral change for organizations, educational systems, industries, and society as a whole.Fall 2017
MCB 3007Living With MicrobesBiological SciencesExplore the intricate relationship between human and planetary well-being and the microbes that inhabit us, both inside and outside our bodies.Summer 2017
MHF 3404History of MathematicsMathematicsDevelopment of mathematical thought through the ages. Topics may include equation solving, trigonometry, astronomy, and calculus.Fall 2011
MHF 4401Methods in the History of Modern MathematicsMathematicsRiemannian geometry, relativity and other topics at discretion of instructor.Fall 2012
MMC 3303Global Media and SocietyJournalism-Mass Communication The course will familiarize the student with a multi-cultural global perspective of a multi-media world. The aim of the course is to create a foundation of global media literacy.Fall 2011
MMC 4304Communications Seminar: Multicultural Marketing CommunicationsJournalism-Mass Communication The focus of this course will be to understand the elements of effective communications in a multicultural as well as global environment, with a special focus on the Hispanic market. Spring 2012
MUH 3514Music of the WorldMusicSurvey of folk, popular and classical musical traditions from around the world. Examination of musical style and social context with film and performance demonstrations.Fall 2011
NUR 3666Evidenced-based Nursing and ResearchNursingDevelop research knowledge and skills for evidence-based nursing care delivery at the local, state, national, and global levels.Fall 2011
NUR 3821Professional Nursing LeadershipNursingIntroduction to professional nursing with a focus on leadership skills for care delivery at local, state, national, and global levels.Spring 2018
NUR 4667 Nursing in Global Health SystemsNursingDevelop basic knowledge of global healthcare systems and models.Fall 2011
OCE 3014*OceanographyEarth and EnvironmentThe ocean origin, physical properties, salinity, temperature, sound.  Radiative properties, heat budget, and climatic control.Fall 2013
PAD 3034Policy Development and ImplementationPublic AdministrationExamines the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of governmental efforts to address global problems at federal, state, and local levels.Fall 2011
PAD 3800Managing Global CitiesPublic AdministrationIntroduction to principles of urban governance in order to manage specific development problems of global cities.Spring 2012
PAD 3802Introduction to Urban and Regional Studies Public AdministrationAn integrated approach to the problems and prospects of metropolitan areas with emphasis on economic, political, social and administrative facets of the urban setting, and how global developments shape the challenges of local governance.Fall 2011
PCB 4467Marine Protected AreasBiological SciencesIntroduction to the theory and methods for the design and management of Marine Protected Areas. Students will understand the interrelatedness of issues pertaining to managing protected areas on a global scale.Fall 2011
PCB 4553General Population GeneticsBiological SciencesAnalysis of gene and genotype frequencies in theoretical and real populations. Topics include genetic drift, mutation, and selection.  Students will understand patterns of diversity in human populations across the globe.Fall 2011
PHC 4250Crisis Leadership in DisastersStempel College Public Health and Social WorkAnalyze disasters through methods of leadership. Developing effective leaders who take responsibility and build teams in the preparation, response, and recovery phases of an incident is paramount.Summer 2020
PHI 3640Environmental EthicsPhilosophyExamines philosophical and ethical perspectives on human interaction with the natural world. Course designated as a Global Learning course.Fall 2011
PHI 4841Global AestheticsPhilosophyIn contrast to standard aesthetic courses, we focus on non-European aesthetics, theories values. Topics include world aesthetic traditions, globalization and cultural appropriation.Spring 2020
PHM 4362Global JusticePhilosophyAn examination of philosophical perspectives on the problems of global justice.Fall 2011
POR 3500Luso-Brazillian CultureModern LanguagesOpen to any student who understands Portuguese. The development of Portuguese speaking civilizations, with emphasis on either Portugal or Brazil: history, art, music, daily life, impact on other cultures.Fall 2011
PRT 3510Witnessing War in Lusophone CulturesModern LanguagesIntroduction to Witness Literature in Portuguese-speaking cultures (Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique) with a focus on challenges and dilemmas of the act of witnessing war.Fall 2013
REE 4956International Real EstateFinanceFocus on characteristics of international real estate environment include: inbound and outbound transactions, accounting practice, tax law, legal constraint, global strategic plan, foreign exchange, global financing, and cultural issues.Fall 2011
REL 3075Magic and ReligionsReligious StudiesExamines the role of magic, ecstatic religious experience, and the supernatural in a variety of religions and cultures.Fall 2014
REL 3076New Religious MovementsReligious StudiesExplores the human tendency to generate new and synthetic Religious movements and examines a variety of these global sects and cults.Spring 2015
REL 3111Religion in FilmReligious StudiesStudents examine religious themes, images, symbols and characters in various feature and short films, a specific method of critical analysis, and the religious and societal effects of contemporary films.Summer 2016
REL 3148Religion and ViolenceReligious StudiesThe role of religion in the inspiration, justification, avoidance, or constraint of various forms of overt or covert violence. Addresses relevant social issues.Fall 2020
REL 3185Healers and MediumsReligious StudiesReligious studies scholarship using sociological method/theory to explore major themes in pre-modern, modern, and postmodern religion, with special focus on religious ritual for healing and afterlifeFall 2013
REL 3194The HolocaustReligious StudiesExamines different aspects of the Holocaust as well as issues and events that led to and arose from the World War II Experience. Special attention is given to Jewish-Christian relations, thought and ethics before, during and after the Holocaust.Spring 2019
REL 3308*Studies in World ReligionsReligious StudiesExamines the origins, teachings, and practices of selected world religions. The specific religions selected for examination may vary from semester to semester.Fall 2010
REL 3330Religions of IndiaReligious StudiesThe myriad religions of India, from prehistoric origins to contemporary politicized Hinduism. Schismatic movements (Buddhism, Jainism) and ¿Indianized¿ extrinsic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism).Spring 2019
REL 3340Survey of BuddhismReligious StudiesThe course will explore the central themes of the main schools of Buddhism developed in India, Tibet, China, Japan, and Korea. The themes will be examined from religious, historical, and philosophical points of view.Spring 2015
REL 3367
(previously REL 3362)
Islamic Faith & SocietyReligious StudiesA survey of the main facets of Islamic religion and societies from the time of Muhammad to the present.Fall 2014
REL 3398Rhythms of the SacredReligious StudiesExplores how music has been a powerful and essential part of mystical experience in the world's religious traditions, how it becomes religion and how religion influences music.Spring 2019
REL 3492Earth EthicsReligious StudiesThis course will explore resources from philosophy and religion that could contribute to a solution of the current environmental crisis. Ethical issues of the environment will especially be examined in the light of these resources.Spring 2012
REL 4363Sufism: Islamic Mysticism and SpiritualityReligious StudiesExplores the depth and breadth of the mystical tradition of Islam (Sufism) through primary and secondary texts which look at the esoteric dimensions of mystical practice in the Islamic World.Spring 2019
REL 4364Interpreting the Quran: Gender and JihadReligious StudiesIntroduces students to the history, interpretation and translation of the Quran through a close examination of passages related to issues of gender and jihad.Spring 2019
SCE 4194Perspectives on Mathematics and Science EducationEducation – Teaching & LearningThis course will help students to develop understanding of theoretical frameworks and multiple perspectives underpinning mathematics and science education.Fall 2011
SOP 4731Global PsychologyPsychologyExamination of cultural contexts informing human behavior and psychological well internationally. Students will examine psychology research through direct application to global phenomena.Fall 2011
SOW 3233Social Welfare PolicySocial Work This course examines the frameworks and methods used to analyze social welfare policy and programs. Special attention is paid to current policy issues in the Social Welfare system and strategies that can be used to achieve policy change.Fall 2011
SOW 3620Social Work and Human DiversitySocial Work  Prepares students for generalist social work practice with diverse populations focusing on knowledge, attitude, and skills. A global learning course.Fall 2011
SPN 3343Advanced Spanish for Heritage SpeakersModern LanguagesImprove literacy skills through grammar review, composition, and selected readings of representative Hispanic writers. For heritage speakers.Fall 2018
SPN 3444Spanish for Business in Latin AmericaModern LanguagesProvides students with a background in Spanish at the advanced level, a foundation in the vocabulary used in the business world, and experience writing essays in Spanish on business and economics topics.Summer 2014
SPN 4500Spanish CultureModern LanguagesOpen to any student who understands the target language. The development of a particular civilization. Emphasis on the evolution of a society, its ideas and its values.Summer 2018
SPN 4520Spanish American CultureModern LanguagesIntroduction to the major artistic and cultural phenomena in Latin America. Art, music, film, and literature will be discussed in their cultural context. Prerequisite: Ability to understand Spanish at advanced level.Fall 2012
SPW 4397Tradition and Modernity in Latin American CinemaModern LanguagesSurvey of Latin American Film. Topics include: relations between cinema and the state, ideology, national identity, class, race and ethnicity, gender, and political memory.Spring 2018
SSE 4118EEC Social StudiesEducation – Teaching & LearningDevelops skills, understandings, and dispositions for teaching social studies to young children from diverse cultural backgrounds. This course has a field component. Students should apply to Office of Clinical Experiences of SOE to be placed in a school.Summer 2017
SSE 4380Developing a Global PerspectiveEducation – Teaching & LearningTheory, content, and practice. Introduction and utilization of learning materials and teaching strategies in Global Education for K-12.Fall 2011
STA 3951Oral Presentations in Statistics StatisticsStudents are required to communicate orally all stages of a simple statistical analysis through a formal presentation in front of a group of faculty and students.Spring 2012
SYD 4451Japanese Society in Global PerspectiveAsian StudiesExamines Japanese society in comparative and global perspective, emphasizing issues such as social class, gender, ethnicity, migration, state policy, and transnational culture.Fall 2013
SYP 3456Societies in the World Global & Sociocultural StudiesAn introduction to the study of local societies in worldwide perspective.  Addresses local-global issues such as gender, social class, economy, politics, migration, and environmental destruction.Fall 2011
THE 4110 Theatre History ITheatreThe development of the theatre from its origins to the early 19th century, and the global cultural contexts that gave rise to these works.Fall 2011
TSL 3080ESOL Principles and Practices IEducation - Teaching & LearningIntroduces issues, principles, and practices of teaching English to speakers of other languages to develop the conceptual understandings that form the foundation of knowledge necessary to successfully meet the needs of lingustically and culturally diverse students.Summer 2012
TSL 4081ESOL Principles and Practices IIEducation - Teaching & LearningProvides understandings, skills, and dispositions needed to select, evaluate, and apply, TESOL strategies in multicultural elementary classrooms. Summer 2012
TSL 4324ESOL Issues and Strategies for Content Area TeachersEducation - Teaching & LearningAnalysis, application, and adaptation of ESOL methods and materials to enhance instruction for lingustically and culturally diverse students.Summer 2012
TSL 4340ESOL Methods Grades K-12Education - Teaching & LearningDevelopment of instructional skills, techniques, and strategies for teaching English to non-native speakers in grades K-12; required for area of concentration in TESOL and the Florida Add-on ESOL Endorsement.Summer 2012
VIC 3400Visual Design for Globalized MediaJournalism-Mass Communication An exploration of messages, combining words and visual images and their relation to content in print, broadcast and on-line media.Spring 2012
WOH 3244World War II: A Global HistoryHistoryExamines the origins, experiences, and legacies of the Second World War as a
global phenomenon. It also examines the relationship between popular and historical accounts of the war.
Spring 2019
WOH 3424Global Health in Historical PerspectiveHistoryExamines the history of global health over several centuries; how ideas about disease, race, security, economy, and humanitarianism have shaped problems of health that transcend geopolitical borders.Fall 2020
WOH 4206Global History of Domestic ViolenceHistoryExplores violence against intimate partners from late Roman antiquity until the present, looking at Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the United States.Fall 2018
WOH 4223History of the Global EconomyHistoryGlobal economy 1500-present. Industrialization, trade, finance, and labor in Europe, US, Asia, Latin America. Comparative economic systems.Summer 2020
WOH 4264 Global Indigenous-Imperial Encounters 1500 to the PresentHistoryThis course examines how indigenous peoples and imperial settlers interacted across the globe from the fifteenth century to the present, using both indigenous and imperial sources and perspectives.Summer 2016
WST 3015Introduction to Global Gender and Women's StudiesWomen's & Gender StudiesConsiders the interdisciplinary study of women in today's world. Focuses on the interconnected social issues women face through the life course on a global scale and examines the debates on women's studies in the university.Spring 2013
WST 3106Introduction to Global DiversityWomen's & Gender StudiesWomen's StudiesEvaluates diversity across the globe in terms of race, ethnicity, religion, culture, gender, age, sexuality, ability, and status to access systems of inequality and privelage.Spring 2014
WST 3114Sex Trafficking: Building SolutionsWomen's & Gender StudiesThis course will provide an overview of all forms of sex trafficking and examine the issue through a historical, theoretical and social justice lens focusing on creating solutions.Fall 2018
WST 3120Global Women's Writing: Gendered Experiences Across Societies and CulturesWomen's & Gender StudiesProvides a critical introduction to global women's writing, examining the literary representation of gendered experiences of societies and cultures across the globe.Spring 2015
WST 3641*LGBT and Beyond: Non-Normative Sexualities in Global PerspectiveWomen's & Gender StudiesIntroduction to gay and lesbian life in the United States and abroad, focusing on historical antecedants to the contemporary gay and lesbian movement, religion, health issues, lifestyle, and the arts.Spring 2012
WST 4115Gender Violence and the Law: Global PerspectivesWomen's & Gender StudiesCritical analysis of power dynamics generating gender violence across gender, race,
and class globally. Focus will be on existing legal framework locally and internationally to address these crimes.
Fall 2018
WST 4617 Gender and GenocideWomen's & Gender Studies This course examines the gendered dimension of genocide, exploring genocidal practices in terms of gender, sex, sexuality, ethnicity, race, and class under a critical feminist lens.Fall 2020