Procedures for Submitting a Course for Global Learning (GL) Designation

Step 1: Participate in a Global Learning Course Design and Instruction Workshop

Lead faculty revising an existing course or developing a new course for GL designation should participate in a Global Learning Course Design and Instruction Workshop. Faculty who have previously attended a workshop are invited to refresh knowledge by attending an on-campus workshop, taking the self-paced Online Global Learning Course Design and Instruction Workshop, or contacting the Office of Global Learning Initiatives for current resources and requirements. Faculty receive a $500 extra-state compensation stipend for participation in the workshop upon submission of a course proposal to the Faculty Senate Global Learning Curriculum Oversight Committee (GLCOC). Please note: Faculty who have previously received a workshop stipend are not eligible to receive a second stipend. Per university policy, Graduate Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and Research Assistants are not eligible to receive a stipend for this workshop.

Step 2: Develop a GL proposal for a revised existing course or a new course 

After attending the workshop, faculty will work with staff in the Office of Global Learning Initiatives (OGLI) to prepare the revised or new course proposal. The workshop informs faculty of proposal requirements. It is strongly recommended that faculty submit a draft of their proposed GL syllabus and GL course assessment matrix for review prior to submission to the GLCOC. This greatly increases the chance that the course will have a successful GLCOC review.

Step 3: Submit GL course proposal 

A complete GL course proposal consists of three items in hard copy:

1.  Original signed Course Revision for Global Learning Designation form

2.  GL Syllabus

3.  GL Course Assessment Matrix

Submit your proposal first to your college or school curriculum committee. Check with your college or school’s committee for submission deadlines. After approving the proposal, the committee will forward it to the GLCOC. After the GLCOC approves the course, it will make a motion to the Faculty Senate to confer designation. After the Faculty Senate ratifies the motion, the GL designation will be added to PantherSoft and to the Class Notes section in the course catalogue. The course’s approved syllabus and assessment matrix will also be added to the OGLI web site.

Questions? Contact the OGLI, 305-348-4145 or