Global Learning Alumni

Welcome back, Global Learning Alumni! This page is completely dedicated to YOU! Are you interested in finding ways of getting involved and giving back to the Global Learning Medallion and Peace Corps Prep programs? Are you curious about the benefits we offer to our alumni? Do you miss our Tuesday Times Roundtable lunches and awesome discussions? Whatever the reason, we are here for you. Let’s connect!

Gl Alumni Network Benefits    

  • Professional development opportunities (events, fellowships, graduate school funding sources, etc)
  • Scholarship opportunities (invitations to collaborate on research, conferences, publications)
  • Personalized workshops and career advice (topics include interviews, mentorship, career change, branding, networking)
  • Professional recommendations
  • News highlights

Paying it Forward!

  • Become a donor
  • Be a mentor
  • Hire interns
  • Share your expertise
  • Tell others about us

Connect with us!