About FIU’s Office of Global Learning Initiatives

The Office of Global Learning Initiatives’ (OGLI) mission is to prepare FIU’s students to be successful global citizens with global awareness, a global perspective, and a passion to make the world a better place.

We achieve our mission through the 2016 IIE Andrew Heiskell Award-winning Global Learning for Global Citizenship initiative. Every FIU student engages in active, team-based, interdisciplinary exploration of real-world problems as a condition of graduation.

FIU faculty have created more than 200 global learning courses across the undergraduate curriculum. Students choose among courses offered in every academic department to meet their two-course global learning graduation requirement.

We also offer FIU faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants an array of workshops and fellowships that hone skills needed to develop and implement successful global learning experiences.

Our Global Learning Medallion program enables students to design their own experiences. They can go above and beyond the minimum to take additional global learning courses and participate in globally-focused activities, study abroad programs, foreign language study, and/or original research to earn this graduation honor.

Our robust co-curricular offerings also include the Peace Corps Prep program, the Tuesday Times Roundtable series, and a myriad selection of student clubs.

The Office also currently houses the Office of the Executive Director for the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES).

As internationalization leader Madeleine F. Green has said about the university’s Global Learning initiative, “to date … FIU has done everything right.”

Our Team

Hilary C. Landorf, Ph.D. – Executive Director

Dr. Landorf is the Executive Director of the Office of Global Learning Initiatives; this Office oversees FIU’s university-wide initiative, Global Learning for Global Citizenship, recognized by the Institute of International Education as winner of the 2016 Heiskell Award for Internationalizing the Campus.  She is an Associate Professor in the School of Education and Human Development, leader of FIU’s Master of Science degree program in International and Intercultural Education.  In 2016 she was appointed as the Executive Director of the Comparative and International Education Society, bringing the Office of the Executive Director to FIU.

Landorf’s expertise centers on visioning, developing, designing, and implementing the policies and practices of global learning efforts in higher education. Hilary holds a Ph.D. in international education from New York University, an M.A. from the University of Virginia, and a B.A. from Stanford University. She has written, consulted, and presented internationally on integrating global learning into higher education. Her recent publications include “Defining Global Learning at Florida International University” in the AAC&U publication Diversity and Democracy; “Global Perspectives on Global Citizenship” in Contesting and Constructing International Perspectives in Global Education (2016); and “Using Democratic Deliberation in an Internationalization Effort in Higher Education,” in  Disrupting Adult and Community Education: Teaching, Learning, and Working in the Periphery (2016).

Landorf is co-author with Stephanie Doscher and Jaffus Hardrick of Making Global Learning Universal: Promoting Inclusion and Success for All Students (Stylus & NAFSA, 2018).

Stephanie Doscher, Ed.D. – Director

As part of her work with the OGLI, Dr. Doscher leads FIU’s Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) initiative and hosts the Making Global Learning Universal podcast. Doscher is also Program Evaluator for FIU’s Title VI-funded Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean National Resource Center, a Faculty Fellow with the Center for Leadership, and was a founding Change Leader for FIU’s AshokaU Changemaker Campus initiative. She holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Administration from FIU, and the global learning rubrics she developed as part of her dissertation are currently being used by educators around the world. Doscher also holds an M.Ed. in Secondary Education from Western Washington University and a B.A. in History from Emory University.

Doscher’s work focuses primarily on organizational leadership, professional development, and integrative curricular and co-curricular design to enable global learning for all. Her  research interests include teaching and assessment strategies for global learning and the relationship between global learning, comprehensive internationalization, social innovation, and inclusive excellence. She has presented and published papers on these and other topics in numerous international conferences and journals. Selected publications include, “Why the Future is Bright for Internationalisation” in University World News, “Universal Global Learning, Inclusive Excellence, and Higher Education’s Greater Purpose” in AAC&U’s Peer Review; “Defining Global Learning at Florida International University” in AAC&U’s Diversity & Democracy; and, “Education for Sustainable Human Development: Towards a Definition” in Theory and Research in Education.

Yenisleidy Simon Mengana, M.S. – Program Manager

Yeni is the Program Manager of Global Learning Initiatives at FIU. In this role, she leads the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs designed to increase students’ global awareness, global perspectives, and global engagement. Her experience includes working nationally and internationally in the areas of education, international development, humanitarianism, gender advocacy, and global engagement.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Smith College and a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from FIU. She is both a Salzburg Global Seminar Alumna and a Humanity in Action Fellow. She is also the founder of the Seven Sisters Latina Conference and a three-time Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN) Alumna.

Yeni’s academic interests include the examination of privilege and oppression and their role in shaping the experiences of disenfranchised groups in education. She is passionate about utilizing critical consciousness and other emancipatory pedagogical approaches as means to transform educational communities for the better. Yeni is dedicated to championing initiatives that seek to promote active global citizenship and challenge global inequality, particularly in the education field.

Her publications include “Everyday Discrimination and Chronic Health Conditions Among Latinos: the Moderating Role of Socio-Economic Position” (2013) with Dr. Kristine Molina. She has also been featured in the Smith Alumnae Quarterly twice for her commitment to women’s empowerment, “Role Models for All of Us – Latina alumnae, students, share successes, plan solutions” and “The Mentor Effect”.

Sherrie Rhodes Beeson, Program Coordinator, Doctoral Candidate 

Sherrie joined the OGLI team three years ago as a graduate assistant. Her passion for global learning was ignited early as a child and has been continuously fueled by her studies and work at FIU. She is currently involved in research projects focused on pre-service and in-service teachers’ stories of global learning, the transformative effects of global learning experiences on undergraduate students, the intersection of college students’ civic and cultural identities, and culturally sustaining professional development. She has presented on these and other topics at various professional conferences, including AERA, CIES, CUFA, and NCSS. Recent publications include, “Inspiring Examples of Critical Peace Education: Will We Rise to the Occasion?” (2018) in Theory & Research in Social Education and a review of Making Global Learning Universal: Promoting Inclusion and Success for All Students (forthcoming) in New Horizons In Adult Education & Human Resource Development.

As Program Coordinator, Beeson supports the Global Learning Curriculum Oversight Committee in its efforts to assess and ensure the continuous fidelity of more than two hundred Global Learning designated undergraduate courses. She also provides global learning professional development and supports FIU’s Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) initiative.

Jared Leichner, MBA – Graduate Assistant

Jared Leichner is a PhD Candidate in FIU’s Biomedical Engineering Department.  Currently, his research focus revolves around immunofluorescent staining and 3D modeling of Neurons, Astrocytes and Vasculature in the cortex of the brain with the aim of uncovering complex network connectivity patterns and their changes during disease states.  He also holds an MBA from FIU’s prestigious International MBA program as well as dual Bachelor’s degrees in Biochemistry and Psychology.  When outside of the University, he enjoys creating music, developing virtual-reality applications, engaging in DIY home projects and most importantly spending time with his Wife and Shih-Tzu puppy.