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Foundations Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleAcademic Department/CollegeSemester Added as Global Learning CourseSyllabusMatrix
AFA 2004Black Popular Culture: Global DimensionsAfrican & African Diaspora StudiesSpring 2012Syllabus
AFH 2000African CivilizationHistoryFall 2012SyllabusMatrix
AMH 2020American History Introductory Survey Since 1877HistorySpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
AMH 2041Origins of American CivilizationHistorySpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
AMH 2042Modern American CivilizationHistorySpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
ANT 2000Introduction to AnthropologyGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesSummer 2015SyllabusMatrix
ANT 3212*World EthnographiesGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesFall 2010SyllabusMatrix
ANT 3241*Myth, Ritual, and MysticismGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesSpring 2012SyllabusMatrix
ARH 2000Exploring ArtArt & Art HistorySpring 2015SyllabusMatrix
ASN 3410*Introduction to East AsiaAsian StudiesFall 2010SyllabusMatrix
BSC 1000Local and Global Perspectives in BiologyBiological SciencesSpring 2020SyllabusMatrix
COM 3417*Communication in FilmCommunication ArtsSpring 2013SyllabusMatrix
COM 3461*Intercultural/Interracial CommunicationSpeech CommunicationFall 2010SyllabusMatrix
ECS 3021*Women, Culture, and Economic DevelopmentEconomicsFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
EGS 1041 (formerly EGN 1033)Technology, Humans, and SocietyMechanical & Materials EngineeringFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
EUH 2011Western Civilization: Early European CivilizationHistorySpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
EUH 2021Western Civilization: Medieval to Modern European HistoryHistorySpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
EUH 2030Western Civilization: Europe in the Modern EraHistorySpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
EVR 1001Introduction to Environmental Science & SustainabilityEarth & EnvironmentFall 2013SyllabusMatrix
EVR 1017Global Environment and SocietyEarth & EnvironmentSummer 2015SyllabusMatrix
GEA 2000World Regional GeographyGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
GEO 3510*Earth ResourcesEarth & EnvironmentFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
IDH 2003Honors Seminar III: Inhabiting Other LivesHonors CollegeSpring 2012Syllabus
IDH 2004Honors Seminar IV: Inhabiting Other LivesHonors CollegeSummer 2012Syllabus
IDS 3163Global Supply Chains and LogisticsUndergraduate EducationFall 2010SyllabusMatrix
IDS 3183Health Without BordersPublic Health & Social WorkFall 2012Syllabus
IDS 3212The Global Scientific Revolution and its Impact on Quality of LifeCollege of Arts & SciencesFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
IDS 3309How We Know What We KnowJournalism-Mass CommunicationFall 2010SyllabusMatrix
IDS 3333Diversity of Meaning: Language, Culture, and GenderTeaching & LearningFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
IDS 3336Artistic Expression in a Global SocietyCollege of Architecture + The ArtsFall 2010SyllabusMatrix
INR 3081*Contemporary International ProblemsPolitics & International RelationsSpring 2015SyllabusMatrix
LAH 2020Latin American CivilizationHistorySpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
LBS 3001*Labor and Globalization (formerly Introduction to Labor Studies)Labor StudiesFall 2010SyllabusMatrix
MCB 2000Introduction to MicrobiologyBiological SciencesFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
OCB 2000Introductory Marine BiologyBiological SciencesSpring 2014SyllabusMatrix
OCE 3014*OceanographyEarth and EnvironmentFall 2013SyllabusMatrix
REL 2011Religion: Analysis & InterpretationReligious StudiesFall 2010SyllabusMatrix
REL 3308*Studies in World ReligionsReligious StudiesFall 2010SyllabusMatrix
SPN 2201Intermediate Spanish IIModern LanguagesSpring 2018SyllabusMatrix
SPN 2340Intermediate Spanish for Heritage SpeakersModern LanguagesFall 2018SyllabusMatrix
SYD 3804Sociology of GenderGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesSpring 2020SyllabusMatrix
SYG 2000Introduction to SociologyGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesSpring 2012SyllabusMatrix
SYG 2010Social ProblemsGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesSummer 2012Syllabus
THE 2000Theatre AppreciationTheatre AppreciationSummer 2015SyllabusMatrix
WOH 2001World CivilizationHistorySpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
WST 3015*Introduction to Global Gender and Women's StudiesWomen's StudiesSpring 2013SyllabusMatrix
WST 3641*LGBT and Beyond: Non-Normative Sexualities in Global PerspectiveWomen's StudiesSpring 2012SyllabusMatrix

Discipline Specific Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleAcademic Department/CollegeSemester Added as Global Learning CourseSyllabusMatrix
AFA 4243Global Capitalism and the African Diaspora in the Modern World SystemAfrican & African Diaspora StudiesSummer 2014SyllabusMatrix
AFA 4370Global Hip HopAfrican & African Diaspora StudiesFall 2012SyllabusMatrix
AFA 4372Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Hip HopAfrican & African Diaspora StudiesFall 2011Syllabus
AFH 4100History of Africa IHistorySpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
AFH 4254Postcolonial AfricaHistorySpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
AFH 4450History of South AfricaHistorySpring 2019SyllabusMatrix
AFS 3011 (formerly AFA 3153)African Civilizations, Religions and PhilosophyAfrican & African Diaspora StudiesSpring 2013SyllabusMatrix
AFS 3332 (formerly AFA 3353)Gender and Sexualities in Sub-Saharan African ContextsAfrican & African Diaspora StudiesFall 2012SyllabusMatrix
AFS 4265 (formerly AFA 4247)Latin America and the Caribbean in Africa: South-South InteractionsAfrican & African Diaspora StudiesFall 2012SyllabusMatrix
AMH 3310Social Movements in Modern US HistoryHistorySummer 2016SyllabusMatrix
AMH 3314Public Health & Medicine in U.S. HistoryHistoryFall 2017SyllabusMatrix
AMH 3341United States Food HistoryHistorySpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
AMH 4573African American History from the Late 19th Century to the PresentHistoryFall 2018SyllabusMatrix
AMH 4671Race, Gender, and Science in the Atlantic WorldHistoryFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
ANT 3212*World EthnographiesGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesFall 2010SyllabusMatrix
ANT 3241*Myth, Ritual, and MysticismGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesSpring 2012Syllabus
ANT 3610Language and CultureGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesSpring 2020SyllabusMatrix
ARH 4470Contemporary ArtArt & Art HistorySpring 2015SyllabusMatrix
ARH 4520African ArtsArt & Art HistorySpring 2016Syllabus

ART 3820Visual Thinking IArt & Art HistorySpring 2012Syllabus
ASH 3380Consumer Culture in AsiaHistorySummer 2016Syllabus
ASH 3631The Pacific War in AsiaHistorySummer 2016Syllabus
ASN 3143Corporate Culture of ChinaAsian StudiesSpring 2020SyllabusMatrix
ASN 3410*Introduction to East AsiaAsian StudiesFall 2010SyllabusMatrix
BCN 3761Construction Documentation and CommunicationConstruction Management Spring 2012Syllabus
BME 4332Cell and Tissue EngineeringBiomedical EngineeringSummer 2020SyllabusMatrix
BME 4800Design of Biomedical Systems and DevicesBiomedical EngineeringFall 2017SyllabusMatrix
BME 4908Senior Design ProjectBiomedical EngineeringFall 2017SyllabusMatrix
BOT 4601General Plant EcologyBiological SciencesSummer 2019Syllabus/Matrix
CCJ 4694Human TraffickingCriminal JusticeFall 2012Syllabus
CES 3580 (formerly CES 4580)Hurricane Engineering and Global SustainabilityCivil & Environmental EngineeringSpring 2013SyllabusMatrix
CGS 3095Technology in the Global ArenaComputer & Information SciencesSummer 2012Syllabus
CHI 3955Foreign Study: Language and CultureModern LanguagesSpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
CJE 3444Security and Crime ScienceCriminal JusticeSpring 2019SyllabusMatrix
CJE 4174Comparative Criminal Justice SystemsCriminal JusticeFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
CLP 4314Psychology of Health and IllnessPsychologyFall 2011Syllabus
COM 3417Communication in FilmCommunication ArtsSpring 2013SyllabusMatrix
COM 3461*Intercultural/Interracial CommunicationCommunication ArtsFall 2010SyllabusMatrix
COM 4430International Business CommunicationCommunication ArtsSummer 2013SyllabusMatrix
COM 4731*
(Study Abroad)
Cultural Communication Patterns of EuropeCommunication ArtsSpring 2013SyllabusMatrix
CPO 3010Comparative Politics: Theory & PracticePolitics & International RelationsFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
CPO 3055Authoritarian PoliticsPolitics & International RelationsSpring 2012SyllabusMatrix
CPO 4057Political Violence and RevolutionPolitics & International Education Fall 2011SyllabusMatrix
DIE 3434Nutrition EducationDietetics & NutritionSpring 2012Syllabus
DSC 4012Global TerrorismCriminal JusticeFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
ECO 4713International MacroeconomicsEconomicsSpring 2012Syllabus
ECS 3021*Women, Culture, and Economic DevelopmentEconomicsFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
EDF 4604Cultural and Social Foundations of EducationEducation – Leadership & Professional StudiesFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
EEC 3400Family Literacy and the Young ChildEducation - Teaching & LearningSpring 2014SyllabusMatrix
EEL 4920Senior Design I: Ethics, Communication, and ConstraintsElectrical & Computer EngineeringFall 2012SyllabusMatrix
EEL 4921Senior Design II: ImplementationElectrical & Computer EngineeringFall 2012SyllabusMatrix
EGN 4070Engineering for Global Sustainability and Environmental ProtectionCivil & Environmental Engineering Fall 2012Syllabus
EML 4551Ethics and Design Project OrganizationMechanical & Materials Engineering Fall 2011SyllabusMatrix
EML 4905Senior Design ProjectMechanical & Materials Engineering Fall 2011SyllabusMatrix
ENC 3378Writing Across BordersEnglishSummer 2016SyllabusMatrix
ENL 4215Medieval MonstrosityEnglishSpring 2019SyllabusMatrix
ENL 4324Global ShakespearesEnglishFall 2015SyllabusMatrix
ENV 3001Introduction to Environmental EngineeringCivil & Environmental Engineering Fall 2011Syllabus
EVR 4272AgroecologyEarth and EnvironmentSummer 2018SyllabusMatrix
EVR 4274Sustainable AgricultureEarth and EnvironmentSpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
EUH 3143War and Politics in the Age of the ReformationHistoryFall 2019SyllabusMatrix
EUH 3193Black DeathHistorySpring 2019SyllabusMatrix
EUH 4185Viking History and SocietyHistoryFall 2018SyllabusMatrix
EUH 4384The Pre-Modern MediterraneanHistorySummer 2016Syllabus

EUH 4434Italy During the RenaissanceHistoryFall 2018SyllabusMatrix
EUH 4615Family, Love, and Marriage in Premodern EuropeHistorySummer 2019SyllabusMatrix
FIN 4604International Finance ManagementFinanceFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
FIN 4634International BankingFinance Fall 2011Syllabus
FOT 3511 (formerly FOT 3930)Latin CinemasForeign and Biblical LanguagesSpring 2019SyllabusMatrix
FRE 4390French and Francophone CinemaModern LanguagesSpring 2015SyllabusMatrix
FRE 4503La FrancophonieModern LanguagesFall 2011Syllabus
FRW 3101Introduction to Francophone Literature and Cultural StudiesModern LanguagesSummer 2020SyllabusMatrix
GEA 3704People, Place, & Environment of East AsiaGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesSpring 2020SyllabusMatrix
GEO 3001Geography of Global ChangeGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesFall 2011Syllabus
GEO 3502Economic GeographyGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
GEO 3510*Earth ResourcesEarth & EnvironmentFall 2011Syllabus
GEO 4354Geography of the Global Food SystemGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesFall 2011Syllabus
GEO 4391Marine GeographyGlobal & Sociocultural StudiesSpring 2020SyllabusMatrix
GLY 4734Changing CoastlinesEarth & EnvironmentSpring 2014SyllabusMatrix
GLY 4881Coastal HazardsEarth & EnvironmentFall 2013SyllabusMatrix
HFT 3073Social Responsibility in the Hospitality IndustryHospitality & Tourism Management Spring 2012Syllabus
HFT 3503Hospitality Marketing StrategyHospitality & Tourism Management Fall 2011SyllabusMatrix
HFT 3603Hospitality LawHospitality & Tourism ManagementFall 2014SyllabusMatrix
HFT 3701Sustainable Tourism PracticesHospitality & Tourism ManagementFall 2014SyllabusMatrix
HFT 3703
(Study Abroad)
Adventure TourismHospitality & Tourism ManagementSummer 2013SyllabusMatrix
HFT 3713International Travel & TourismHospitality & Tourism ManagementFall 2014SyllabusMatrix
HFT 3894Global Food and CultureHospitality & Tourism ManagementSummer 2013SyllabusMatrix
HFT 4323Hospitality Facilities Environmental SystemsHospitality & Tourism Management Fall 2011SyllabusMatrix
HFT 4833Culinary Innovation and EntrepreneurshipHospitality & Tourism ManagementSpring 2015SyllabusMatrix
HIS 3304Blacks in ParisHistorySummer 2016SyllabusMatrix
HIS 3308War and Society in the 20th CenturyHistoryFall 2017SyllabusMatrix
HIS 4264 (formerly WOH 4264)Global Indigenous-Imperial Encounters 1500 to the PresentHistorySummer 2016Syllabus
HIS 4400The Formation of Urban SocietyHistorySpring 2019SyllabusMatrix
HSA 4113 Global Issues and Trends in HealthcareHealth Services AdministrationFall 2012SyllabusMatrix
HSA 4150Global Healthcare Systems and PolicyHealth Services AdministrationFall 2012Syllabus
HUN 3191World NutritionDietetics & Nutrition Fall 2011SyllabusMatrix
IDH 3034Honors Seminar V: Aesthetics, Values and AuthorityHonors CollegeSummer 2012SyllabusMatrix
IDH 3035Honors Seminar VI: Aesthetics, Values, and AuthorityHonors CollegeSummer 2012SyllabusMatrix
IDS 4174Mathematics and Philosophy in the ArtsMathematicsFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
INR 3081*Contemporary International ProblemsPolitics & International RelationsSpring 2015SyllabusMatrix
INR 4075International Protection of Human RightsPolitics & International RelationsSpring 2015SyllabusMatrix
ITA 3500Italian Culture and SocietyModern LanguagesSpring 2016Syllabus

JPN 3500Japanese Culture and SocietyModern LanguagesSpring 2013SyllabusMatrix
JPN 3955 (Study Abroad)Foreign Study: JapanModern LanguagesFall 2014SyllabusMatrix
LAE 4405Children’s LiteratureEducation – Teaching & LearningFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
LAH 3132Formation of Latin AmericaHistoryFall 2018SyllabusMatrix
LAH 3200Latin America: The National PeriodHistorySpring 2019SyllabusMatrix
LAH 4134Abuse of Power in Colonial Latin AmericaHistorySpring 2020SyllabusMatrix
LAH 4483Cuba Since 1959HistoryFall 2019SyllabusMatrix
LAH 4634Politics of Race and Nation in BrazilHistorySpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
LAH 4721History of Women in Latin AmericaHistoryFall 2018SyllabusMatrix
LAH 4722Health, Medicine, and Disease in Latin American Social HistoryHistorySpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
LAH 4600History of BrazilHistorySummer 2016Syllabus
LAH 4734Latin American History Through FilmHistoryFall 2018SyllabusMatrix
LAH 4737Music, Modernity and Identity in Latin American HistoryHistorySpring 2019SyllabusMatrix
LAS 3002Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean StudiesLatin American and Caribbean StudiesFall 2019SyllabusMatrix
LBS 3001*Labor and Globalization (formerly Introduction to Labor Studies)Labor Research and StudiesFall 2010Syllabus
LBS 3468Introduction to MediationLabor Research and StudiesSpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
LBS 3480Introduction to Conflict ResolutionLabor Research and StudiesSpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
LBS 4154Workers and DiversityLabor Research and StudiesFall 2013SyllabusMatrix
LBS 4210Women and WorkLabor Research and StudiesSummer 2016Syllabus

LBS 4484Applying Conflict Resolution TechniquesLabor Research and StudiesSpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
LBS 4610Cross Cultural Dimensions of Latin American Labor RelationsLabor Research and StudiesSpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
LBS 4654Comparative and International Labor Studies Labor Research and StudiesSpring 2013SyllabusMatrix
LEI 3707Inclusive Recreation ServicesEducation- Professional Leadership and StudiesSummer 2013SyllabusMatrix
LIN 4640Languages and Cultures of the WorldEnglishFall 2013SyllabusMatrix
LIT 3671Global Issues in Literature EnglishFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
LIT 4023Around the World in Short StoriesEnglishSpring 2018SyllabusMatrix
MAE 4394Perspectives on Mathematics and Science EducationEducation – Teaching & LearningFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
MAN 4720Strategic ManagementManagement & International BusinessFall 2011Syllabus
MAR 3023Marketing ManagementMarketingFall 2012SyllabusMatrix
MAR 4712Health and Fitness MarketingMarketingFall 2017SyllabusMatrix
MCB 3007Living With MicrobesBiological SciencesSummer 2017SyllabusMatrix
MHF 3404History of MathematicsMathematicsFall 2011Syllabus
MHF 4401Methods in the History of Modern MathematicsMathematicsFall 2012SyllabusMatrix
MMC 3303Global Media and SocietyJournalism-Mass Communication Fall 2011SyllabusMatrix
MMC 4304Communications Seminar: Multicultural Marketing CommunicationsJournalism-Mass Communication Spring 2012Syllabus
MUH 3514Music of the WorldMusicFall 2011Syllabus
NUR 3666Evidenced-based Nursing and ResearchNursingFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
NUR 3821Professional Nursing LeadershipNursingSpring 2018SyllabusMatrix
NUR 4667 Nursing in Global Health SystemsNursingFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
OCE 3014*OceanographyEarth and EnvironmentFall 2013SyllabusMatrix
PAD 3034Policy Development and ImplementationPublic AdministrationFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
PAD 3800Managing Global CitiesPublic AdministrationSpring 2012Syllabus
PAD 3802Introduction to Urban and Regional Studies Public AdministrationFall 2011Syllabus
PCB 4467Marine Protected AreasBiological SciencesFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
PCB 4553General Population GeneticsBiological SciencesFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
PHC 4250Crisis Leadership in DisastersPublic Health and Social WorkSummer 2020SyllabusMatrix
PHI 3640Environmental EthicsPhilosophyFall 2011Syllabus
PHI 4841Global AestheticsPhilosophySpring 2020SyllabusMatrix
PHM 4362Global JusticePhilosophyFall 2011Syllabus
POR 3500Luso-Brazillian CultureModern LanguagesFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
PRT 3510Witnessing War in Lusophone CulturesModern LanguagesFall 2013SyllabusMatrix
REE 4956International Real EstateReal EstateFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
REL 3075Magic and ReligionsReligious StudiesFall 2014SyllabusMatrix
REL 3076New Religious MovementsReligious StudiesSpring 2015SyllabusMatrix
REL 3111Religion in FilmReligious StudiesSummer 2016SyllabusMatrix
REL 3148Religion and ViolenceReligious StudiesFall 2020SyllabusMatrix
REL 3161Spirituality and SustainabilityReligious StudiesFall 2019SyllabusMatrix
REL 3185Healers and MediumsReligious StudiesFall 2013SyllabusMatrix
REL 3194The HolocaustReligious StudiesSpring 2019SyllabusMatrix
REL 3308*Studies in World ReligionsReligious StudiesFall 2010SyllabusMatrix
REL 3330Religions of IndiaReligious StudiesSpring 2019SyllabusMatrix
REL 3340Survey of BuddhismReligious StudiesSpring 2015SyllabusMatrix
REL 3367 (formerly REL 3362)Islamic Faith & SocietyReligious StudiesFall 2014SyllabusMatrix
REL 3398Rhythms of the SacredReligious StudiesSpring 2019SyllabusMatrix
REL 3492Earth EthicsReligious StudiesSpring 2012Syllabus
REL 4363Sufism: Islamic Mysticism and SpiritualityReligious StudiesSpring 2019SyllabusMatrix
REL 4364Quran, Gender, and JihadReligious StudiesSpring 2019SyllabusMatrix
SCE 4194Perspectives on Mathematics and Science EducationEducation – Teaching & LearningFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
SOP 4731Global PsychologyPsychologyFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
SOW 3233Social Welfare PolicySocial Work Fall 2011SyllabusMatrix
SOW 3620Social Work and Human DiversitySocial Work Fall 2011SyllabusMatrix
SPN 3343Advanced Spanish for Heritage SpeakersModern LanguagesFall 2018SyllabusMatrix
SPN 3444Spanish for Business in Latin AmericaModern LanguagesSummer 2014SyllabusMatrix
SPN 4500Spanish CultureModern LanguagesSummer 2018SyllabusMatrix
SPN 4520Spanish American CultureModern LanguagesFall 2012Syllabus
SPW 4397Tradition and Modernity in Latin American CinemaModern LanguagesSpring 2018SyllabusMatrix
SSE 4118, EEC Social StudiesSocial StudiesSocial Studies and Foundation in Early ChildhoodSpring 2017SyllabusMatrix
SSE 4380Developing a Global PerspectiveEducation – Teaching & LearningFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
STA 3951Oral Presentations in Statistics StatisticsSpring 2012SyllabusMatrix
SYD 4451Japanese Society in Global PerspectiveAsian StudiesFall 2013SyllabusMatrix
SYP 3456Societies in the World Global & Sociocultural StudiesFall 2011Syllabus
THE 4110 Theatre History ITheatreFall 2011SyllabusMatrix
TSL 3080ESOL Principles and Practices IEducation - Teaching & LearningSummer 2012Syllabus
TSL 4081ESOL Principles and Practices IIEducation - Teaching & LearningSummer 2012Syllabus
TSL 4324ESOL Issues and Strategies for Content Area TeachersEducation - Teaching & LearningSummer 2012Syllabus
TSL 4340ESOL Methods Grades K-12Education - Teaching & LearningSummer 2012Syllabus
VIC 3400Visual Design for Globalized MediaJournalism-Mass Communication Spring 2012Syllabus
WOH 3244The Second World War: A Global HistoryHistorySpring 2019SyllabusMatrix
WOH 3424Global Health in Historical PerspectiveHistoryFall 2020SyllabusMatrix
WOH 4206Global History of Domestic ViolenceHistoryFall 2018Syllabus
WOH 4223History of the Global EconomyHistorySummer 2020SyllabusMatrix
WST 3015*Introduction to Global Gender and Women's StudiesWomen's StudiesSpring 2013SyllabusMatrix
WST 3106Introduction to Global DiversityWomen's StudiesSpring 2014SyllabusMatrix
WST 3114Sex Trafficking: Building SolutionsWomen's StudiesFall 2018SyllabusMatrix
WST 3120Global Women's Writing: Gendered Expressions Across Societies and CulturesWomen's StudiesSpring 2015SyllabusMatrix
WST 3641*LGBT and Beyond: Non-Normative Sexualities in Global PerspectiveWomen's StudiesSpring 2012SyllabusMatrix
WST 4115Gender Violence and the Law: Global PerspectivesWomen's StudiesFall 2018SyllabusMatrix
WST 4617Gender and GenocideWomen's StudiesFall 2020SyllabusMatrix