Aims to strengthening the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of people living in poverty around the world.• Global Health University Discussions: Educate others about community development issues in other countries that ties back to health.
• Fundraise proceeds that go towards partner NGO and activities in partner site
• Visit partner site to assist completing necessary community projects

To develop sustainable solutions to poverty and social injustices. In the Change Initiative, students are given guidance to develop their leadership skills so that they can implement Oxfam’s mission.
• Train with Oxfam in the form of presentations, guest panels, creative arts, simulations and much more
• Build networks with faculty members, students, and other relevant organizations
• Organize panels, art exhibits, roundtables, etc. to enhance campus awareness
• Spread the word through various social media platforms
Education - through advocacy we educate the public about prison issues but most importantly is getting education inside prisons - FIU, although not directly through SAPR, has already created a curriculum to teach inside prisons. Other outside organizations already provide different educational services, where we can always volunteer.

Service - engage in other organizations' pursuit of similar goals, participate in community events to promote pragmatic rehabilitation solutions, and support treatment initiatives in regards to over-criminalization.
• Holding several group meetings
• Tabling events around campus
• Interacting on various social media platforms
• Inviting and collaborating with special speakers
• Organizing creative, topical events (i.g. Reclaim My Voice Art Exhibit)
• Reaching out and partnering with local organizations that aim to improve Criminal Justice Systems
Seeking to empower vulnerable groups in the fight against hate and bigotry until equal justice and opportunity becomes a reality in the following areas: economy, race, immigration, and LGBTQA Rights.• Create Roundtables of discussion in schools
• Organize rallies and events
• Partner with local grassroots organizations to complete projects and maximize impact
• Host film screenings and bring in speakers
• Register voters
• Engage local, state, and federal officials
Educate, advocate and fundraise to help UNICEF and bring local awareness to global challenges.• Educational Meetings
• Tabling
• Congressional Action Team
• Fundraisers
• Local Community Involvement