New York Times Free Digital Access

FIU is proud to provide complimentary access to to students, faculty, and staff.  This digital access, available to every FIU community member daily, replaces the limited number of paper copies that were previously available on campus.

Activate Your Free Access to

  • Click here to visit the activation page
  • Create an account or log in with an existing account that uses an email address
  • That’s it! Once a pass is activated, you can access from any location for 364 days.  After this, you’ll have to re-activate your account.  Pass status and expiration date can be viewed at

The New York Times in Education

FIU students, faculty, and staff also have access to our education resource website,, which provides the following features:

  • Discipline-specific areas of study
  • General Instructional Strategies to promote student achievement
  • Co-Curricular Activities, including events, discussions, and contests

To gain entry to the Education site (whether faculty, staff, or student), simply complete a short registration here.  Be sure to use your email address.

Access does not include e-reader editions, digital crossword puzzles, or Times Insider Content.  Other restrictions may apply.