Procedures for Submitting GL Courses for Triennial Review

All GL-designated courses are reviewed every three years by the Global Learning Curriculum Oversight Committee (GLCOC). The GLCOC evaluates the ongoing fidelity of each GL course to its original proposal and reviews course offering and enrollment data. GL faculty are notified via email when the GL course(s) they teach are scheduled for a triennial review. The GLCOC Bulletin Calendar for AY 2019-20 can be accessed here.

Follow these easy steps to prepare documents for the GL Triennial Review:

Step 1: Prepare your most recent GL course syllabus. To determine if your syllabus meets GLCOC requirements, download the GL Triennial Review Course Checklist.

Step 2: Complete the GL Course Assessment Matrix for the semester in which you most recently taught the course. Download the Word file for your GL Course Assessment Matrix here. To view instructions and see an example of a completed assessment matrix, download an annotated GL Course Assessment Matrix here.

Step 3: Submit your syllabus and completed GL Course Assessment Matrix via email to

  • Please use the following format for your syllabus: LAST NAME Course Prefix #_Syllabus Semester Year

Example: PHILLIPS NUR 4667_Syllabus Summer 2017.docx

  • Please use the following format for your matrix: LAST NAME Course Prefix #_Matrix Semester Year

Example: PHILLIPS NUR 4667_Matrix Summer 2017.docx

The Office of Global Learning Initiatives regularly invites all faculty teaching sections of GL-designated courses to attend a GL Course Design and Instruction Workshop. The workshop prepares faculty to design a GL syllabus and assessment matrix to meet GLCOC requirements. If you are teaching a GL course and have not yet taken a workshop, enroll in either the on-campus or online version of the workshop here.

For more information, contact the Office of Global Learning Initiatives, or 305-348-4145.