Medallion: More information on student organizations

Each semester for which you are a member of the executive board of an approved student organization counts for completion of (1) Level 2 activity.

Approved student organizations are those which either:

  • Are directly advised by the Office of Global Learning Initiatives  OR
  • Have had an executive board member who has attended a Global Learning Student Organization Worksop in the past 3 semesters (including summer) AND can demonstrate how the club’s activities actively address global awareness, perspective, or engagement.

All clubs which currently meet these criteria are listed below.  If you are on the executive board of a club which is not on this list, and feel that it should be included, or you are interested in starting a new club, please contact Global Learning Coordinator Eric Feldman at

Clubs MUST be registered with the FIU Council for Student Organizations (CSO) or Student Organizations Council (SOC).

It is possible to recieve credit for participation in an approved club even if you are not on the executive board if you have contributed in another substantial capacity which is significantly above and beyond what would be expected of a general member.   This requires a signed letter from your organizatipn’s faculty or staff advisor and is at the sole discretion of the Office of Global Learning Initiatives.

Approved Clubs & Organizations:

  • Students Offering Support
  • GlobeMed
  • Students for Great Ape Conservation

Upcoming Global Learning Student Organization Workshops: