The Power of Global Learning

“Almost every institution in this country is trying to
figure out how they can prepare students better for the pluralistic world…FIU
in my estimation, from my experience, is definitely a leader…”

-Larry Braskamp, President, Global Perspective Institute

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Global Learning for Global Citizenship is FIU’s promise to empower everyflorencia undergraduate with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to become informed and engaged citizens of the world.

 Since the initiative’s launch in 2010, over 35,000 students have taken FIU’s signature global learning
courses and participated in a vast array of co-curricular global learning
activities. Every one of these learning experiences are specifically designed
to build our students’:

  •  Global Awareness: knowledge of the world’s interconnectedness
  •  Global Perspective: ability to view the world from multiple points of view
  •  Global Engagement: willingness to engage with diverse others in local, global, international and intercultural problem solving

Global learning is integral to the FIU experience. In the words of student Florencia Dominguez (International Relations, ’14), “The amazing thing for me about global learning courses is that their content makes an everlasting impact on the students. What I learned has encouraged me to continue exploring global issues and become a
positive influence on the road to a better world.”

 A gift to FIU Global Learning will sustain and strengthen the positive impact the University is having on our students, our community, and our world for years to come.

I invite you to contact me personally to explore how together, we can help our students shape positive change in the world through FIU Global Learning.

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Director, FIU Global Learning