Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Global Learning (GL) course and what distinguishes it from other courses at FIU?

Three specific student learning outcomes are built into each GL course syllabus via course content, assignments and activities:

  • Global Perspective: the ability to construct a multi-perspective analysis of issues
  • Global Awareness:  knowledge of the interconnectedness of issues, trends, and systems
  • Global Engagement: willingness to address local, global, international, and intercultural issues

Global Learning courses are categorized as either Foundations or Discipline-Specific.  Foundations courses are part of the University Core Curriculum.  Discipline-Specific courses are offered within the context of an academic program.  A few GL courses may count towards either category.  However, no single course may count towards both categories.

How do I know if a course will count towards my GL Graduation Requirement?

If you have completed a GL course, it will count towards your GL Graduation Requirement only if:

• It was taken during or after the semester in which it became a GL course, and

• It was taken at FIU

 Transfer credits CANNOT count towards the GL Graduation Requirement. 

I took a GL course but it doesn’t show up on my Panther Degree Audit. What do I do?

First, make sure that the course meets all of the criteria to count as a GL course.  If you determine that there is an error, contact your academic advisor for assistance.

I took a course that is now a GL course, but I took it before it was added to the GL course list.  Can I get a waiver to have this course count towards my GL Graduation Requirement?

No.  A course undergoes significant revision, and must be approved by several curriculum committees and the Faculty Senate, to become a GL course.

I need to take a Discipline Specific Global Learning course to fullfill my Global Learning Graduation Requirement.  Does the course have to be from my discipline?

No. However, we recommend working with your academic advisor when selecting courses. Some majors already include Discipline Specific Global Learning Courses as part of the required course of study, satisfying your major and Global Learning requirements at the same time. In some majors, you may choose your Discipline Specific Global Learning course as an elective from any discipline. 

I am trying to enroll for a Global Learning Course and a permission code is required.  How do I obtain this?

Permission codes are granted by the academic department that administers the course.

I am pursuing a double major.  How does the Global Learning Graduation Requirement affect me?

The Global Learning Graduation Requirement is the same for double majors as for all other undergraduates. Students pursuing a double major do not have to take additional GL courses.

I am taking a course that may count towards either the GL Foundations or the GL Discipline-Specific requirement.  How can I ensure that I am credited for completing the correct category on my Panther Degree Audit?

Your Panther Degree Audit (PDA) should automatically add the course to the appropriate category. If you notice an inconsistency on your PDA once you have completed the course, notify your academic advisor for assistance. Please note that no course may be used to meet both requirements.

I am a readmitted student who first entered FIU prior to the implementation of the GL Graduation Requirement, but I returned after Fall 2011.  How am I affected?

Unless you only have 0-6 credits remaining towards graduation upon readmission, you must now complete two  GL courses.  If your University Core Curriculum was fully satisfied upon readmission, you must take one GL Discipline-Specific course and any other GL course. If your University Core Curriculum was not completed upon readmission, then you must take one GL Foundations course and one GL Discipline-Specific course.

I have traveled the world. Do I still need to satisfy the GL Graduation Requirement?


Can a Study Abroad course count towards the GL Graduation Requirement?

Only if it is an approved GL course.

What is the minimum grade requirement for Global Learning courses?

The minimum grade policy for courses to satisfy the Global Learning Graduation Requirement is D- or higher, as defined in the University Academic Policies. It is important to note, however, that there may be circumstances external to the Global Learning Graduation Requirement that may require you to achieve a higher grade in the course, eg. a Gordon Rule course being used to satisfy a section of the University Core Curriculum. Check with your academic advisor regarding your individual circumstance.

Who is my academic advisor?

Your academic advisor is a professional staff member from your academic department. In some cases, your academic department may also utilize faculty members to assist with advising since they serve as a great resource for learning more about your chosen major. If you are not sure who to go to for advising, contact your academic department or refer to their website. You can find the list of academic departments at

If you are currently in one of FIU’s Exploratory Studies majors, you should go to the Undergraduate Academic Advising Center for advising. These academic advisors are trained to assist students with finding an appropriate major and are knowledgeable about the University’s academic policies. For more information, visit

As of Fall 2012, incoming students are assigned to an academic advisor through the My_eAdvisor tool, which can be accessed through After logging in, these students will find information on how to contact their assigned advisor and can send messages and make appointments. For more information, visit