Global Learning leaders profiled in new book

Leaders of FIU’s comprehensive Global Learning for Global Citizenship initiative are featured in a new book on engaging diverse student populations: “International Student Engagement: Strategies for Creating Inclusive, Connected, and Purposeful Campus Environments.

Authors Chris R. Glass and Rachawan Wongtrirat, both of Old Dominion University, and Stephanie Buus, a Paris-based researcher, cite campus leaders who have taken deep, broad-based approaches to creating inclusive climates for diverse international and domestic students.

FIU Global Learning Director Hilary Landorf and Associate Director Stephanie Doscher were profiled for their use of collective impact, a leadership methodology for bringing stakeholders together across reporting lines to address a complex problem—in this case, university-wide curriculum reform for global learning.

To effect reform, Landorf and Doscher’s Office of Global Learning Initiatives acted as a backbone organization that coordinated the mutually reinforcing efforts of all curricular and co-curricular departments to educate toward three global learning student outcomes: global awareness, perspective, and engagement.

FIU’s bold two-course global learning graduation requirement applies to all FIU undergraduates. It purposefully capitalizes on the diverse perspectives of the university’s student body, faculty, and community, bringing these various points of view to bear on course content and problem solving in the classroom and beyond.

“FIU students view the world from multiple perspectives and attain knowledge of global interconnectedness,” said Hilary Landorf, associate professor and director of FIU’s Global Learning initiative. “Our students graduate from the university willing to address local and global issues through critical thinking and problem solving,”

“International Student Engagement” is now available for sale via the publisher and


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