Professor Shumow Discusses Value of Global Learning

In an installment of the university’s popular “FIYou” series, Assistant Professor Moses Shumow discussed his involvement with Global Learning, and the role the initiative plays for our student body.

“I think the Office of Global Learning’s efforts at creating students with global awareness, perspective, and a willingness to engage in challenging problems is an important and valuable effort,” said Shumow, “especially given the location of our university and the demographics of our students.”

Shumow is one of FIU’s Global Learning pioneers.  He co-taught one of the original “GL” courses, How We Know What We Know, serves on the Global Learning Curriculum Oversight Committee, and executed one of the first Global Learning Fellowship projects, “Culture Mapped.”   Global Learning Fellowships expose undergraduate students to faculty-mentored research.

Read the full article on FIU News.

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