Monthly Archives: April 2014

Banking for the Future

After learning about microfinancing in ECS 3021, Women Culture, and Economic Development, student Andrew Hofmeyer applied for an internship with the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, eventually meeting the bank's founder, Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus.... read more

Going Organic for Global Health

After learning about economic disparities IDS 3189, International Nutrition, Public Health, and Economic Development, student Randy Juste applied for and received a USDA agroecology internship and has been able to work with FIU's organic garden... read more

Doors Open to a Dream Career

In the fall of 2012, student Florencia Dominguez took the global learning course ECS 3021, Women, Culture and Economic Development taught by Dr. Irma Alonso.  The course equipped her with an awareness of global... read more