Serves as the primary support for the Senior Associate Dean (SAD) and as the primary backup support for the Dean and the Executive Assistant to the Dean.

Coordinates events, workshops, conferences, meetings, luncheons, receptions and seminars hosted by the Dean or SAD.

Organizes the SAD’s appointments and monitors the calendar. Provides calendar information to key administrative staff for planning purposes. Keeps the SAD abreast of scheduled meetings and provides background information.

Coordinates the preparation and distribution of the agendas; attends weekly meetings with Associate Deans/Chairs and Dean’s staff, taking and disseminating minutes, and following up in regard to assigned projects.

Coordinates aspects of the SAD’s communications. Receives, reads, sorts and routes incoming mail for the SAD. Responds to letters, memoranda and general correspondence, handling routine items in the office and answers general questions regarding the Programs of the college. May take action as directed on matters than can be handled personally and exercises judgment in determining actions that can be taken by others.

Assists in the preparation of reports, memoranda, correspondence and documents. Compiles data and other pertinent information for the SAD’s use on various issues as needed.

Screens incoming calls for the SAD and responds appropriately as requested

Provides backup administrative assistance to the Associate Dean’s in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Coordinates travel arrangements pertaining to the SAD. Makes hotel and plane reservations, car rental and other accommodations, facilitates travel reimbursements of the SAD and monitors expenditures within budget limitations and categories of the department.

Organizes and maintains confidential files for the SAD.

Performs other related duties as assigned or as directed. The omission of specific duties does not preclude the supervisor from assigning duties that are logically related to the position.

Manages every aspect of the S&S process process for which the Dean or SAD have been appointment to serve on. Coordinates with committee members, Academic Affairs, HR, other university entities, and search firms, activities which include, arranging committee meetings; managing communications; advertising the position opening; attending committee meetings and taking minutes; arranges candidate phone interviews, polycom interviews and on-site visits; processes payment for travel, lodging, food expenses for candidates; and coordinates itineraries for candidates.

Supports SAD’s research by coordinating meetings with students and faculty. Manages travel arrangements for SAD’s

attendance at conferences and invited presentations. Coordinates travel for the SAD and the graduate students to attend conferences and presentations.

Supports Dean’s postdoc on matters of research, including organizing meetings, obtaining research materials, communicating with grant agencies.

Supports Faculty Assembly administration in scheduling meetings, communicating with CAS faculty; at election time, attends meetings and provides up-to-date materials for the election process for CAS faculty committees.

Supports Council of Chairs and Directors by coordinating meetings, preparing agenda, and taking minutes at meetings. Serves as liaison between the chair and vice chair of the Council and the Dean’s Office.

Supports SAD’s participation to special assignments (e.g., chairing ad hoc committees) by scheduling meetings, taking minutes, arranging travel for visitors to come to campus, and for FIU members to travel to other institutions to learn about best practices.

Supervises the smooth operation of front desk, including hiring and supervising senior secretary and OPS workers.

Assists the Executive Assistant to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Serves as liaison between the Dean, SAD, Associate Deans, Chairs, faculty,staff, students and the community.

May assist other Dean’s or Directors in the Dean’s office as needed.

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